You'll be able to both view and complete your Reminders from Google Calendar

Google has added Reminders to Google Calendar for iPhone, allowing you to easily see everything you have coming up. With this, you'll be able to view all of your calendars, as well as Reminders that you have set for yourself, all in one place. The Reminders will stick around, meaning if you don't complete them when they are scheduled to be completed, they will appear at the top of your calendar for the following day to ensure you get it done.

Like how events already show you additional details like addresses and such, Reminders will show you phone numbers and other important data that you will find useful. Reminders will still work across Google, so you can create them from Keep, Inbox and Google Now, and once created the events will show up in your calendar right away.

In addition to reminders, Google Calendar for iPhone has added support for 3D Touch quick actions, which allow you to quickly create events or reminders.

You can grab the latest version of Google Calendar from the App Store now.

Source: Google

Jared DiPane

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