You'll be able to keep track of all things Rio 2016 with theScore

Popular sports app theScore is soon to be updated to bring all things Rio 2016 to your iPhone and iPad. Can't make the Olympics? No problem, simply install theScore and you'll be up-to-date with each and every medal awarded. As well as offering comprehensive coverage on general and electronic sports, the app and accompanying web platform will be able to provide you with the latest from the Olympic games too.

Selecting your favorite countries after updating the app will set media alerts for you to be notified as soon as an athlete from said nations bags a medal. As always, there will be latest headlines and coverage available, as well as in-depth statistics and scores that many have come to rely on from theScore. Should you wish to enter into a more filtered breakdown, team pages will be at hand to offer a look at news, scores and medals for each individual country.

You can download theScore app today before the update hits later this week.

Rich Edmonds