Homepod MiniSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • HomePod has always been great for setting alarms.
  • But who wants to listen to a generic alarm sound?
  • Soon, users will be able to see their own alarm sound by picking a song from Apple Music.

Apple's HomePod and HomePod mini are fine for setting alarms, but they're pretty boring. Standard alarm sounds are anything but interesting but Apple has a solution – soon, we'll be able to select a song from Apple Music and have that be the alarm sound instead.

Apple is yet to make the announcement itself, but MacRumors has spotted that the latest HomePod software beta has provision for choosing media rather than a standard tone. And it's going to change my alarm game. Goodbye "beeep beeep beeep." Hello "Bat Out of Hell!"

Apple Music Alarm Homepod BetaSource: MacRumors

However, changes uncovered by MacRumors in the latest ‌HomePod‌ beta software reveal that ‌Apple Music‌ subscribers will soon be able to do just that.

The beta software includes a revised interface for adding alarms to ‌HomePod‌ in the Home app that provides a choice of playing a tone or media as the alarm sound.

Users will need an active Apple Music or Apple One subscription for this to work of course, and there's no telling when this feature will be made available to us all. My guess? It'll arrive alongside the HomePod mini next month.