Your house just got smarter with this HomeKit smart plug deal

Refoss Smart Plug Four Pack Lifestyle
Refoss Smart Plug Four Pack Lifestyle (Image credit: Refoss)

Turning your home into a smart home doesn't have to be a long, difficult process. Yes, there are specific services with dedicated hubs and subscriptions, but you can make most things in your home work with smart functions if you have a smart plug.

For iPhone users, Apple HomeKit is one of the very best smart services as it allows you to control appliances and lamps with your iOS devices or via Siri voice commands. Fortunately, there are a bunch of HomeKit Cyber Monday deals this year, including deep discounts on smart plugs. One of the very best options right now is the Refoss smart plug four-pack. That way, you can get multiple in one go, and the price is so affordable that it's cheaper than many other smart plugs on the market.

The best smart plug HomeKit Cyber Monday deal

Due to the shape and design of these smart plugs, you can plug more than one into an outlet, thereby making both slots smart compatible. Many other smart plugs are too big and cover the other opening. Instead, use the HomeKit app to set up schedules or turn things on and off via remote control.

I've set smart plugs up with my lamps so that they turn on every day when it starts to get dark out, so I never have to worry about turning them on myself. It's also super helpful whenever we turn the lights off to watch our favorite TV shows. Grab this four-pack before they sell out.

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