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What you need to know

  • Apple has acknowledged a display fault on some MacBook Airs.
  • The anti-reflective coating sometimes fails.
  • Some other MacBook models are known to have the same flaw.

Apple has reportedly acknowledged an issue that might cause the anti-reflective coating on the MacBook Air with Retina display to fail. And when I say fail, I mean really fail.

According to an internal Apple support document picked up by MacRumors, Apple knows that some devices have issues, similar to those that have previously been reported on the 12-inch MacBook and some MacBook Pro models. However, while those notebooks are part of Apple's free repair program, it isn't clear whether the MacBook Air has been added to the list.

MBP Anti Reflective Wearing OffSource: MacRumors

However, if Apple is telling its Authorized Service Providers of the issue it's likely customers wouldn't have too many issues arguing their case if a repair is needed.

MBP Anti Reflective Wearing OffSource: MacRumors

Apple has a free repair program for the anti-reflective coating issue in place internally, but it has yet to add any MacBook Air models to its list of eligible models, despite mentioning it elsewhere in the documentation. However, with Apple at least acknowledging that the MacBook Air can exhibit the issue, customers may have a valid argument for at least a free in-warranty repair.

Faulty screens may exhibit blotchy, oily patches where the anti-reflective coating is dissolving. It's pretty difficult to miss, so you'll know if your MacBook Air with Retina display is suffering from the problem. If it is, seek a repair.

Of course, getting a faulty display repaired is easier said than done right now. What with Apple Stores being closed and all.