Your Apple HomePod could be worth a fortune...

Two white homepods sitting on a television stand
Two white homepods sitting on a television stand (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple discontinued its original HomePod last year.
  • It was first sold at $349 but then later had its price dropped to $299.
  • Sealed units are now selling for more than $500 on eBay.

Apple's discontinued original HomePod might well be worth more than you first paid for it on eBay, if it's in the right condition that is.

First noted by Chance Miller on Twitter, Apple's HomePod is currently being listed on eBay for almost double what it was originally sold for, and well over double its revised $299 price point.

Apple debuted the HomePod in 2018, and described it as a breakthrough wireless speaker for Airplay and control with Siri. However, its high price point and the fact that you needed two to enjoy the full fidelity of stereo pairing and home entertainment meant that it struggled to sell. Indeed, Apple discontinued the device last year but it took another three months to sell out in the U.S. Many customers reported receiving HomePod's made in the original 2018 factory run when buying more than two or even three years later.

However, as Miller notes, some people are listing HomePod's on eBay for almost double its original price, and these aren't fanciful listings either. A quick glance at eBay's sold listings reveals that brand new HomePod's in sealed condition are fetching as much as $700, including listings sold as recently as April 5.

According to The Verge, the average price of the HomePod (minus "expensive sealed-box outliers) is $350, almost $100 more than the average sold price this time last year.

Apple's HomePod mini remains one of the best AirPlay 2 speakers you can buy in 2022, but clearly its big brother is still popular enough that it is fetching eye-watering prices online. Just don't all go selling your HomePods at once to ruin the market.

Stephen Warwick
News Editor

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