Luminar 3.1

Earlier this spring, Skylum introduced a new version of its popular photo-editing tool, Luminar. With version 3.1, the company added an improved Accent AI filter with the purpose of letting you get natural-looking results in less time. The latest filter uses so-called "human-aware" technology that recognizes people in photos and then applies adjustments for more realistic imagery.

With Accent AI 2.0, adjustments such as exposure, depth, and color are available through the use of a single slider. Skylum says the filter can replace the develop step for most photographers; it recommends using Accent Al 2.0 as a starting point. When using the slider, you can increase/decrease boast to adjust the overall amount of the filter.

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Luminar 3.1

The improved filter is located on the Edit sidebar in Luminar 3.1 under Filters.

Luminar 3.1 also lets you decide whether to see the RAW or JPEG version of imported files, when applicable. In doing so, you can better organize your library. You can edit the versions separately. Better yet, they are easily synced.

In his Luminar 3.1 review, photographer Thomas Fitzerald praised Skylum for introducing this feature. Still, at least for this first go-around, Luminar's tool isn't nearly as good as the one found on Apple's discontinued Aperture.

He explains:

I do think it still has a few limitations though. It's not that there's anything wrong with it, but it could be better. For me the gold standard of RAW + JPEG handling was Aperture. It allowed you to switch on a per image basis, and I wish this could do the same. As it is, it seems to be global, but there are times when you would be working on a raw file but would like to use the Jpeg for just that image. So I would really like to see this on a per image basis.

You can find the Raw + JPEG Pairs setting in Luminar 3.1 under View on the Mac toolbar.

Luminar 3.1 is available to purchase through the Skylum website or in the Mac App Store. It's available for $70 for Mac and Windows.

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