We've already reviewed the ZAGGkeys Folio for iPad Air and now we're back with another one of Zagg's offerings when it comes to keyboard cases for iPad Air. The ZAGGkeys Cover for iPad Air has the same great keyboard layout and hardware features of its folio sibling, but comes in a slimmer cover only design. At first glance it may look like any other keyboard cover but don't be fooled. Zagg's done something special with this one.

When it comes to feature set, the ZAGGkeys Cover sports the same great keyboard as the Folio version does. That includes the awesome backlit keyboard with interchangeable LED colors. Following suit with the Folio, there's also a battery light indicator that gives you a good idea of how much battery you've got remaining, another feature many keyboard cases lack.

ZAGGkeys Cover for iPad Air review

The main feature that stands out on the ZAGGkeys Cover over other cover-style keyboards is the hinge itself. The inside of the hinge is rubber so it won't scratch the exterior or interior of your iPad Air. Just slide your iPad into the hinge and line it up with the case. Zagg recommends doing this with the hinge only a little open but I've actually found it easier to set the keyboard down and slide my iPad in the top with equal pressure on both sides. The benefit of this hinge is that it provides multiple viewing angles which is great for watching videos or times when your iPad has to be in a awkward position. Just adjust the viewing angle accordingly without having to move the entire iPad.

ZAGGkeys Cover for iPad Air review

When it comes to actual typing, Zagg makes a great keyboard that's spaced out wonderfully and feels like a full-sized keyboard. There's a top row dedicated to function keys as well so you don't have to worry about an annoying Fn key. Shortcuts include a Lock button, dedicated Siri access, undo/redo, cut/copy/paste, play/pause music, skip tracks, volume controls, and more. I truly have no complaints with the keyboard layout.

For times when you want to read with your iPad Air and don't need the keyboard, just pull it straight out. You can even turn it around in the keyboard case and slide it back in. This way the keyboard is protected and not detached from the iPad. While at home I prefer just using the iPad without the case attached if I don't need to type but I can see the benefit of this in public places. That way you know you don't accidentally forget the keyboard case somewhere.

ZAGGkeys Cover for iPad Air review

The good

  • Great keyboard layout
  • Illuminated backlit keys with interchangeable colors
  • Multiple viewing angles due to the hinge design
  • Dedicated row of function keys catering specifically to iOS
  • Amazing brushed aluminum design that's slim and really good looking
  • Sleeper magnet functionality

The bad

  • Minimal protection, but that's expected with cover style cases

The bottom line

If you want the absolute best keyboard cover you can buy that adds a minimal amount of bulk to the already lightweight iPad Air, look no further than the ZAGGkeys Cover. You just can't beat the keyboard design, backlit keys, and innovative design that supports multi-angle viewing.

The ZAGGkeys Cover isn't out just yet but is available for preorder and will retail for $99 upon launch. You can choose between black and white.

$99 - Preorder Now

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