ZAGGsparq portable battery and wall charger review

The ZAGGsparq is a portable battery and wall charger combo that can make sure your iPhone, iPad, or other kind of portable device never dies while you're on the go. The ZAGGsparq currently comes in a few different models that range from one full iPhone charge all the way up to four! I've been testing it out for the past several days. Let's find out how it faired...

For starters, the ZAGGsparq that I tested was the 6000 mAh variant that delivers up to four full iPhone chargers or one complete iPad charge. This model retails for $99 with the 1220 and 3100 mAh models selling for significantly less.

When it comes to features, the 6000 mAh model has two USB ports on the bottom to let you charge two devices simultaneously. The other two ZAGGsparq models only have one USB port. On the back side you have a flip out wall adapter to easily charge the ZAGGsparq, no additional cable needed. This is one of my favorite features since it's one less cable for me to carry around. It also means that anywhere I have an outlet, I can not only charge the ZAQQsparq, I can charge two devices simultaneously by turning one outlet into two.

The ZAGGsparq also features a set of LED lights along the top that tell you exactly how much battery you have left. There are 5 total and each light gives a 20% range. So for example, if you had 3 lights remaining, you've probably got around 60% battery left.

I've been using the ZAGGsparq sporadically and I've noticed two main things things that make it stand out over the other packs I've used. First, it doesn't seem to discharge as fast as my Mophie Juicepack does when not in use. The ZAGGsparq has an On/Off switch on the backside and I'm not sure if this helps with the battery not depleting when not in use or not, but it sure seems like it. After charging something on the Mophie, I always feel as if the pack itself keeps discharging. This hasn't been my experience with the ZAGGsparq.

The second thing I've noticed is that the ZAGGsparq charges incredibly fast, especially for carrying 6000 mAh worth of charging goodness. I'm assuming the smaller, less powerful variants would charge even faster yet. The Mophie I have laying around is 4000 mAh and the ZAGGsparq doesn't seem to charge much slower than the Mophie, even with an extra 2000 mAh to replenish.

The good

  • LEDs let you know exactly how much juice you have left
  • Flip out charger eliminates the need for yet another cable to carry around, and turns the pack into a two port charging unit
  • Charge speed is super fast for a 6000 mAh brick
  • Battery life lives up to its claims and really does carry right around four full iPhone charges, or a complete iPad charge
  • Not too heavy to carry around
  • Doesn't seem to ever get warm when charging or discharging to another device

The bad

  • Quite a bit larger than other battery packs, but doesn't feel heavy
  • Can sometimes cover up one outlet when plugged in due to its size

The bottom line

The ZAGGsparq is one of the most powerful portable battery packs I've yet to use. It may be a little bulky but if you're a power user and you care more about never running out of juice than you do size, the ZAGGsparq is for you.

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.