Zendure SuperPort S2 LifestyleSource: Zendure

What you need to know

  • Zendure's new SuperPort S2 packs 65W of power.
  • It's super small and might even fit in your pocket.
  • The foldable pins help there, too.

Zendure's new SuperPort S2 might not only have the best name ever bestowed upon a charger, but it also offers a massive 65W of power from something small enough to fit in your pocket. At the very least, it'll take up no room at all in a bag.

Available in black or white and selling for $31.99 right now, this charger is more than powerful enough to charge any USB-C notebooks, including some of those with Apple logos on them. But it's so small that you can fit two of them in the amount of space taken up by a single Apple 61W charger. Impressive? Most definitely.

Zendure SuperPort S2 UnitSource: Zendure

SuperPort S2 is the first 65W charger using Thermally Conductive Silicone Potting Compound to facilitate heat flow to help it cooler and safer. Equips with 2 USB outputs (1 USB-C & 1 USB-A) to fast charge 2 devices with up to 63W total output simultaneously for different usage scenarios. The unique roman pillars stripe design helps SuperPort S2 stands out from other chargers.

The SuperSport S2 has foldable pins for that added portability as well. This charger won't stick in your leg when it's in a pocket or poke a hole through your bag, either.

Charging ports-wise this thing offers a USB-C and USB-A port so you'll be charging your stuff regardless of the kind of cable it uses. If that sounds like something you can make use of, orders are available now direct from the Zendure website.