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iMore is your source for everything iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple. Featuring in-depth news and analysis, daily tips and how-to, the latest app and accessory reviews, and the best podcasts in the industry, including the iMore show, Iterate for and about designers, and Debug for and about developers. iMore forums provide killer community discussions and expert help, and the iMore Store stocks the latest and greatest in cases, Bluetooth, chargers, and other accessories. You can engage with us right here on the site, through RSS, on Facebook, and via @imore on Twitter, @imore on App.net, and +iMore on Google+.

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Rene Ritchie, Editor-in-Chief

Rene Ritchie is iMore's editor-in-chief, Apple analyst, and is responsible for all of Mobile Nation's iPhone, iPad, and Apple content and communities. He's also executive producer for the Mobile Nations, and the co-host of the iMore show, Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and the TWiT network's MacBreak Weekly. Based in Montreal, Canada, Rene has authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio broadcasts to discuss Apple and the mobile industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and wrangle photons.

Serenity Caldwell, Managing Editor, iOS

Serenity Caldwell, Managing Editor, iPhone and iPad

Serenity Caldwell is managing editor for iMore's iPhone and iPad content. Serenity comes from a family of musicians, studied theater and film, and worked for Apple Retail. She's an avid podcaster and photographer. She can knock you off the roller derby track faster than you can say R2D2. Before iMore, Serenity worked for four years at Macworld. Now, she continues to work daily, producing columns, videos, and ebooks, speaking at conferences, and, in every way imaginable, helping people all over the world get more out of their iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Peter Cohen, Managing Editor, Mac

Peter Cohen, Managing Editor, Mac

Peter Cohen is managing editor of iMore's Mac content, OS X, and gaming coverage. Peter created and ran MacGaming, which was acquired by MacCentral, which in turn was acquired by Macworld, where Peter worked for many years as a Senior Editor. Since then, Peter has written for Mac|Life, MacUser (UK), Tap! and a variety of other online and print publications. Most recently, Peter began the Angry Mac Bastards podcast, and co-founded The Loop with Jim Dalrymple, where he served as the executive editor. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and family.

Georgia Dow, Senior Editor

Georgia handles accessory reviews and helps with content planning and editorial direction for iMore. She also co-hosts the Vector and Review podcasts for Mobile Nation and the Isometric show on 5by5. Georgia is based in Canada where she works as a stress and anxiety therapist. She's also a 2x Jiu-Jitsu champion.

Allyson Kazmucha, Senior Editor

Ally runs help, how-to, and do-it-yourself (DIY) content for iMore, as well as much of the app content. If you see photos floating around iMore of the insides of iPhones and iPads, there's a good chance Ally snapped them. Aside from Apple things, Ally loves Harry Potter and coffee more than any human being really should. She lives in Michigan City, which is in Indiana, but not far from Chicago, and close to Michigan at the same time, which proves how confusing American geography is.

Anthony Casella, Video Editor

Anthony, Accessory Editor

Anthony covers connected accessories, wearables, and other post-PC gear for iMore. He has a degree in earth and planetary sciences, a background in enterprise information technology, and a soft-spot for retro gaming. He lives in Eastern Canada with his family.

Richard Devine, Contributing Editor

Richard Devine, Senior Editor

Richard Devine is a veteran of Mobile Nations and Android Central, but contributes U.K. and European perspective to iMore. Richard has had a longstanding love affair with gaming, technology, and mobile. He's also something of a hardcore racing nut. He lives with his wife in the UK.

Simon Sage, Games Editor

Simon Sage, Game Editor, Editor-at-Large

Simon Sage is games editor at iMore and editor-at-large across the Mobile Nations network. With a level head and vertical superiority on his side, you can expect his posts to be balanced and well thought-out. Also, filled with lasers, explosions, swords, robots, and racers.

Derek Kessler, Managing Editor, Mobile Nations

Derek Kessler, EiC-at-Large

Derek Kessler is EiC-at-Large for Mobile Nations and general fixer. Previously, he ran webOS Nation, aka PreCentral.net. When not juggling mobile devices, he's a Sergeant in the Ohio Army National Guard, design nerd, armchair pundit, professional ranter, smither of words, and Star Trek fanfic author.

Kevin Michaluk, Chief Media Officer, Mobile Nations

Kevin Michaluk is the chief media officer for Mobile Nations, responsible for network-wide strategy and services, including the core blogs, communities, and stores for Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, and Windows Phone Central.

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