App Giveaway: intelli-Diet App

You've made a New Year resolution to lose weight and intelli-Diet App | Weight Loss App is here to help! Just tell intelli-Diet what food you have at home, and it'll build a healthy well-balanced diet for you. Leave the meal planning up to intelli-Diet!

The app takes the foods you have, and then creates a well-balanced diet of whole, natural foods. And... your diet’s customized by your gender, weight, activity level, and more. It’s like having a Dietician in your pocket!


  1. Select your weight loss goals and food preferences.
  2. Determine which foods you have in your kitchen.
  3. Let the system automatically create you a well-balanced diet.
  4. Watch the pounds come off. It thinks, you eat!™


  • Receive an automatically generated shopping list.
  • Customize any meal with easy food swaps.
  • Track your weight loss progress in charts and tables.
  • Use it anywhere, anytime! No internet connection required.
  • Meal reminders, water trackers, and much more.


The folks at Barracuda Partners have given us promo codes to give away to 5 lucky readers! For a chance to win, just let us know how much weight you hope to lose this year.

intelli-Diet App | Weight Loss App is available on the iPhone and on sale for $3.99.

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There are 70 comments. Add yours.

cindori says:

This app sounds sort of awesome. I'd love to lose 100 pounds this year, but that's pretty unrealistic. Fifty pounds might actually be attainable, though, so I'll settle for that!

Abi Leiderman says:

I wish to lose 20 pounds this yeaarrr!

mindfrost82 says:

I hope to lose about 60 more pounds this year to reach my goal and what I weighed 12 years ago. This seems like a cool app to help you do it too!

ChaosShadow says:

I would seriously like to lose about 75 pounds this year. This app would REALLY help me achieve that goal!

watcherorio says:

I wish to remove my big belly and show up those abs!

watcherorio says:

That is aroung 20 pounds i think

KLieu says:

Around busy hours at work and at home. I'm hoping to lose fat and gain more muscle mass. Give or take around 30 pounds

Carl says:

Around 20 pounds if possible.

smmiami says:

I loved to lose 40 but will be happy with 20.

Germán says:

I would Love to loose 40 pounds. This app will be very usefull not just for me but for my whole family.

Rowanova says:

I'd be thrilled for any help in loosing 45 to 50 pounds.

Tommy says:

I hope to lose 50 pounds... for the sake of my health...

g8slord says:

30 to 40 Lbs would be a good starting point for me...thanks!

T-Will says:

I'd like to maintain my weight but lose fat and gain muscle. The goal for me and my wife is to do better meal planning, and it looks like this app would be great for doing that!

SirIra says:

My cardiologist would love to have me loose another 30 lbs.

ricbon says:

50-60 pounds, should go good with the p90x I got myself for Christmas

Rick says:

I would love to lose 20lbs

Grace says:

I want to lose 40 pounds!

beth says:

50 pounds is what I'm looking to lose.

schulzjt says:

Looks cool, 20 pounds is my goal this year.

Deborah says:

Fantasy-75lbs Reality-25lbs This app would be a good start

jeffeynboo says:

Looking to lose the 25lb I gained over the past couple of years...

Linda says:

This sounds like a great app. I'd like to lose 50 pounds.

Mark L says:

10 more pounds to add to the 20 I lost last year.

Doug says:

I have been looking at a number of diet/exercise apps lately. What I really should be doing is using one of them. This app provides an interesting approach at auditing intake and I am curious to see how well it works. I think it is important to couple its use with a shift to healthy quality foods suitable for dieting. I need to lose a great deal of weight. I am 170 lbs. above what is considered normal for my height/gender/frame. If this application helps create a lifestyle change, it would be great.

Doug says:

I hope to shed 100 lbs. this year (average 2 lbs. per week) of the 170 lbs I need to lose.

JakeS says:

I plan to lose 15 - 20 LBS by April. And according to the Wii I should be able to do it and still be healthy! Thanks Wii!

mika says:

I'd like to get rid of 55 pounds this year. And to keep them off and out!

babyblues197669 says:

Wow! This is an amazing app!!!! Its exactly what i have been saying i need! I need to lose 40-50 lbs to be at my goal weight of 135-145.

JP S says:

20 lbs by Spring is my goal

Eric says:

15 pounds. there. i said it. now i have to make it happen. would love to have this app to help.

Billy says:

I would love to have this app in order to lose the 25 pounds I put on over the last month.

Brownies40 says:

56.2 pounds is my goal. It's sad that we need an app to help us eat healthy, but I am very grateful to Barracuda Partners for developing it. Nice job, it looks like a fantastic app.

Daz says:

Im going for a load of weight this year, want to lose around 80lbs! Gonna be slim by the end of 2012, hopefully with the help of intelli-diet :-)

cinco312 says:

I'm shooting for 75lbs. This app will come in very handy.

Joe Hacker says:

120 lbs is the goal, but by end of 2012 should be 90 lb goal.

JN says:

OK, I don't know why it changed it to 1--apparently the app already started working. 50 lbs.

Kristy_Lyn says:

25 lbs would be great!! :)

Carlos says:

i want to lose 100 lbs and am very dedicated to make this happen. i have had my eye on this app for a few weeks now it looks awesome!

Neto96 says:

I get marriedin June so i'm reeeeally hoping to lose ~60lbs.

Solanna says:

I am a diabetic and need to lose 100 lbs. It would be great to be able to incorporate a planning tool like this!

Andiena says:

I wish I can Have a Chance and win Copy of this app,
I'm almost having Obesity Problem since I was In Junior High school, and i have been trying diet and Workout at gym to lose my weight, i need to Lose 15kg more, to get an ideal Weight, The problem is How to control Appetite so This App must be help me alot to control what should i eat and what i shouldn't eat...
thanks for the chance

rajkumr says:

Not drinking enough water, unable to keep track of my dietary habits are some of the problems i am facing in tackling my weight issues.
i have to burn enough fat & calories to lose my 25kg's of extra weight and i think intelli-diet will be my book keeper and savior!
I hope i win a copy!!!

Ana says:

I'd love to have this app. I'm a vegetarian with bad eating habits who would love to lose about 100lbs. I've already got the gym membership, this would be a nice touch to go

Tom says:

I currently weight 220lbs. and would love to get to the 180lbs range. Very tired of carrying around all of the extra weight. I like the fact this app allows you to track your water intake.

briankeith513 says:

I had 3 surgeries over the past 4 years, and have gained about 50lbs. I plan to start exercising and losing it, and hope to lose the 50lbs over time. This app could really help!

Rick Morayniss says:

I am 6'2" and almost 300 lbs. I also need surgery on my right shoulder. BEtqween my diabetes, and sedentery life style, any help in lsoing weight would be appre4ciated.

timmyb48 says:

I would like to lose 30 lbs this year. This looks like a great app to help with that. Let me be one of the 5. Thanks

kim says:

i hope to lose 5-10lbs and just be healthier!

David says:

I would like to lose 15-20 pounds this year!

jefferick says:

I would really like this app - not just for me, but my whole family. As the father, I am fully responsible for planning, preparing, cooking and cleaning up after all meals for me, my wife and our 6 kids. I really want to plan healthy meals, but it is so difficult to come up with enough. If I win this app I will use it for all 8 of to ensure we eat rich smoothies, hearty breakfasts, healthy lunches, good snacks and nutritious dinners. please help me...

smmiami says:

This would be a great added tool

David E says:

I'd like to lose 40 lbs this year.

frabas1 says:

looking to giving up at least 40lbs for starters this year and am already on my way to that, goal. march is my check in month for update

Dave says:

52kgs... 1kg a week (trust me I have plenty to lose)