Apple announces card printing app, Cards for iPhone

During Apple's Let's talk iPhone event, Apple announced their newest app, Cards. With Cards, users can create and order printed cards directly from their iPhone.

The cards will be made from 100% cotton paper, stamped with Apple-designed postage, and you will receive a push notification when the USPS delivery is complete.

The price of the cards will be $2.99 in the US and $4.99 everywhere else.

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Leanna Lofte

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Apple announces card printing app, Cards for iPhone


you could exactly the same as / photobox / far as I am aware, they are making money and profitable...Apple a bigger brand than them so could sweep the market; now that it is an App more accessible to everyone.

Too bad Apple is 5 years behind the curve on this one. There's a company already doing this with much more customization for 1/3 the price Apple will be charging you...

but it's not an app, Chief. not to mention, it is subscription/prepaid based. I'd rather pay for the card as i need it. and it's kind of funny that you're plugging it and you're an independent distributor. you should stop while you're ahead... and possibly remove the link above

oo bad Apple is 5 years behind the curve on this one.<

Without Apple announcing ITS card app, I still would be ignorant of it it.
Thank you Apple
And thank you John D for responding to Apple's announcement.

I like this, I don't like going to the store to pick out cards. I hope it also has an ipad version. I'll use this several times a year. Set my calendar to remind me of people's birthdays a week ahead of time.

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