Apple Intros New Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro, Airport Extreme, and Time Capsule

Mac Mini, iMac? Check. Check. Mac Pro. Check. Airport Extreme. Check. Time Capsule. Check. Yep, that's the rumor list Apple just plowed through one after the other, with nary anything resembling a "Spotlight on Desktops" Event in sight.

Nary anything, aside from the friendliness of the new routers, approaching iPhone updates either -- though we imagine new developers eyeing Macs to get into iPhone App-making with have their hands, and charge cards, full today.

You getting anything?

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Rene Ritchie

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Apple Intros New Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro, Airport Extreme, and Time Capsule


WTF... they even upgraded the 15inch pro with more 2.66. I bought my in Jan 4, what's the deal! I'm pissed as hell. make wanna return it

You're upset with yourself for not waiting until the next product update before buying?
Happened to me a few years ago with the MBP, a month after my work got one, they intro'd the Penryn versions with much higher pixel density. It was after 30 days, so no returns. They could have waited, but their buying cycle was out of sync with Apple's release cycle. Happens a lot in tech products. There will always be better for less soon....

I just bought a Mac Mini two weeks ago. I am still within Amazon's return policy. Any word on what the price of the new Mini is? If its the same, I am sending mine back.

@Derek: I believe Mac Mini price is the same.
Return it if you can and get the new one. Nvidia chipset alone, plus new ports, are killer.

OMG!!! I pulled a fast one, called the Apple store and spoke store supervisor told him how it wasn't right for them to just new MBP bump up to 2.66. Dude said bring back your MBP and will give the newer model with no stocking fee..whaaaat, but your gonna have to wait don't have it in stock. Them he put on hold for 15min, then he offered me the 17inch mothership.. just pay the difference but only three left...I did like a buck 150 on freeway!
I'm a happy owner of new MBP17, Apple won me over again. Dam I forgot about timecapsule SNAP!

IILOFT THANKS! I think it was pure luck.
Or maybe something to do with a rumar of layoffs..trying to stick it back at Apple? I wonder

@KORG, wow! Great story! Did you talk to a peon first or direct to a supervisor? Great service. I don't have the sweet talkin skills to pull that off.

im gunna now talk bout the mac pro:
Look its just too expesive. £2,449 for just the basic one! I got a a 4gb, 500gb, quad core, 22inch, windows 7 pc for only £250! Also, with all the best upgrades, it could cost £12000! WHOA! You could buy a brand new car without even using the uks guvvy scrapege scheme.
Mac mini:
As i said. You could buy a better computer with $599.
WHY! If its gunna be greener and saving you money why have at fucking $599?!
Thats all. By the way i got a imac a week a go. Its awesome.
Althought it costs £1000