Apple releases new MacBook Pro commercial, Colors

Apple has released a new commercial to show off their new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. It uses the trademark "start sideways to show how thin it is, then rotate slowly to center to show how stunning the Retina display is." The tagline is "for the pro in all of us."

Aperture is shown off (three times), as well as Safari, iTunes in CoverFlow mode, and Mail. All in full screen, of course. The ad looks solid. Short, to the point, and highlighting the two biggest differentiators between the new generation of MacBooks and the competition -- thinness and Retina display.

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Rene Ritchie

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Apple releases new MacBook Pro commercial, Colors


My real excitement before the announcement was the 13 inch retina. My current 15 inch MacBook Pro is over four years old. As a retiree, the 15 inch is a pricey buy, and moving to a smaller Flash memory from spinning disk means changing the way I organize my photos. So looking at the new 13 inch retina, I was hoping for a significant price break. Unfortunately it didn't happen. When I compare the base 13 inch to the base 15 inch, there is a $500 difference. But $300 dollars of that disappears if you upgrade the 13 inch to match the 256G Flash drive in the 15 inch. Now the remaining $200 buys you a bigger screen, a quad core processor instead of a dual core, and a better graphics card. It's hard to see how the 13 inch makes any sense unless it's the max you can afford. Am I missing something?

Agreed, I currently have a 13" first gen MacBook that's got plenty of mileage on it. This new version looks worthy of the purchase.