Apple September 12 event wallpaper

Apple September 12 event wallpaper

Apple is finishing getting all the banners in place at Yerba Buena for the September 12 event where we'll likely see the iPhone 5 and new iPods. At first the Yerba Buena banners just looked like streams of color but an eagle eyed MacRumors reader noticed that tilted your head and squinted just so, Apple iOS icons were revealed within. More precisely, the Music, Safari, iTunes Store, Stocks, and Game Center icons had been stretched vertically, and in some cases flipped over, to create the background. Make of that what you will.

For my part, I took a couple hours this Sunday morning to play around and see what I could do with those same icons, and the result is below in convenient iOS wallpaper form (2048x2048) so it'll fit everything from your Retina iPad on down). It's "inspired by", not a dead on replication, because: Sunday morning.

iMore will be providing complete coverage, color, commentary, and context throughout the week, of course, and kick it into overdrive on Wednesday (until we look as stretched, color-shifted, and motion-blurred as some of those icons!)

Meanwhile, touch and hold the image below to save it to your iOS device Camera Roll, then jump into Settings,Brightness & Wallpaper, Wallpaper, Camera Roll, and set, scale, and crop it just exactly how you like.

(And if this one doesn't suit your tastes, has their own take on it as well.)

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Reader comments

Apple September 12 event wallpaper


I know that none of us know for sure, however I was wondering if we should be able to order this on Wednesday? I am on Verizon. If we can, any experience with how difficult it is to order on announcement day? Does order usually start right when the announcement session concludes? Thanks!

I'm guessing they'll allow us to start pre-ordering by Friday the 14th or Wednesday the 19th.
Apple never allows preorders right away after the event. Usually it's couple days or a week after announcement.

OK in the past they've never allowed for iPhones after keynote. :)
Hopefully they will this year ! ;)