Best activity tracker apps for iPhone: Moves, Runtastic, Argus, and more!

Best activity tracker apps for iPhone: Moves, Runtastic, Argus, and more!

The best activity tracker apps for iPhone that help you count steps, track calories, and get in shape. No accessories required!

Activity tracker apps for iPhone are a great way to help us get in shape and stay that way. For people who don't want to buy expensive accessories and monitors, there are lots of App Store apps available that simply use the GPS in your iPhone to monitor and track steps, calories burned, and more. These are currently my favorite standalone activity tracker apps for iPhone...


Best activity tracker apps for iPhone: Moves

Moves can track your steps, calories, distance, and lots of other things with very little information from you. All you have to do in order to use Moves is launch it and give is access to your location and if you're an iPhone 5s owner, the M7 co-processor. Moves will then track all your steps by default and is even smart enough to create a virtual map of your day. It can pull locations in from Foursquare so you can name locations you're at which Moves will then use in the future when you're at those locations.

If you want a general purpose tracker that knows exactly what you're doing whenever you have your iPhone on you, Moves is a perfect option.


Best activity tracker apps for iPhone: RunKeeper

RunKeeper is mainly for tracking workouts, not general steps and distance. Workouts can be anything from walking to running to cycling to even mountain climbing. It's a perfect app for runners that are training for marathons since it can track your pace. The paid Broadcast feature even lets others view live maps of your workouts as they happen. RunKeeper also ties in with many other sensors, accessories, and apps.

If you don't much care about general purpose tracking and strictly want to log workouts and training sessions, RunKeeper is what you want


Best activity tracker apps for iPhone: Argus

Argus is a combination of both a daily step counter and a workout monitor. Not only can you log workouts, but Argus logs your daily steps and lets you set goals for yourself. You can also configure the icon badge to show your current number of steps. If you have an iPhone 5s, Argus supports the M7 processor so very little battery life is used, much like Moves. There's also a sleep tracker built right in so you can monitor your sleep cycles, no wristband or accessory needed.

If you want versatility combined with general purpose activity monitoring, get Argus.


Best activity tracker apps for iPhone: Pedometer++

Pedometer++ is one of the most basic step counters you'll find available in the App Store and is built around the M7 motion co-processor of the iPhone 5s. That means this one is for 5s users only. There are no frills or add-ons. It's literally a pedometer and no more. You get an overview of how many steps you've taken in the past seven days, a look at your progress for today, and a list view of past days. Like Argus, you can also set the badge icon to show your current step count.

If you have an iPhone 5s and want a simple, no frills step counter, Pedometer++ is your best bet.

Runtastic PRO

Best activity tracker apps for iPhone: Runtastic Pro

Runtastic PRO is very similar to RunKeeper but has some key differences that make it a little different. Custom workout mixes are available with Runtastic PRO that are specifically designed to keep your motivation up. The voice coach also motivates you at each mile or km you manage to tackle. As for measurements, Runtastic PRO measures elevation, pace, speed, heart rate, and other metrics. There's also a unique story mode that lets you listen to motivational stories as you run for an additional in-app purchase.

If you need some help getting and staying motivated during your workouts, check out Runtastic PRO.

Endomondo Pro

Best activity tracker apps for iPhone: Endomondo Pro

Endomondo Pro is similar to RunKeeper in some aspects since it also lets you create your own runs on a map. From there, Endomondo decides to take more of a social approach in order to motivate you. There are also sponsored challenges available by many companies and partners. Aside from tracking workouts, Endomondo also doubles as a standard pedometer for times when GPS service may not be that great.

If you're looking for a workout and run tracker combined with a general purpose pedometer, make sure you take a look at Endomondo Pro.

Your picks?

There is a huge amount of activity tracking apps out there, many of which may be hidden gems. If you've found one or use something different than what we consider the best, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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johnnymac says:

I've been using many various activity apps, for years, and am currently using:

- Endomondo Pro (my def fave)
- Polar Beat
- Wahoo Fitness (which feeds over to about 4 other apps I also use, like Strava, MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, and MyFitnessPal)
- I also use 'Flow' along with my Polar Loop.
In my case I use a heart rate monitor strap along with all of these.

So I use them all, to somewhat compare details among them all, distances, speed, etc.

Bruno Dagnelie says:

What about iMoves GPS tracker? very light and clean

jkipp74 says:

I use Striv seems to be the best one so far. It doesn't track car motion as steps and it links into MyFitness Pal to subtract however many calories I have used up walking. Plus it has a gaming component which is kind of neat.

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Galley says:

I've been using Cyclemeter for a couple of years. It also works for walking, hiking etc.

Jim Gramze says:

I've tried an app like this before and was very disappointed. I was curious how much walking around I did in the house in a single day. I did a lot of walking around all day and at the end it turned out to be zero steps. To check on that I walked down the block and back and it certainly did register. Are these apps any different or do you have to move a "significant" linear distance before any activity at all is registered. Running in place, a treadmill, etc., do these work with these apps? It seems to me that someone can be furiously active all day and register nothing while someone taking a casual stroll would score much higher.

oscaramzz says:

Do all of these apps require gps tracking? Or can you place the phone on airplane mode and only use the accelerometer to track steps and calories? I have a retail job and want to track my steps but I work on the bottom floor of a mall so the signal is poor. I don't want to use up my battery so I would like to place it on airplane mode. Any help?

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Becjr says:

I've been trying Argus for a little while now and it's really nice.
I really want an app like this that doesn't require me to setup an account. I just want to plug-n-play.

fatdragon3 says:

Try HealthyWalk for iPhone 5S. It tracks steps/distance without having to use GPS, which drains power away from your iPhone. The interface is simple and straightforward. Best of all --- it's FREE!

davidgilling says:

I use Argus and Runtastic PRO.

By the way, Runtastic PRO is free at the moment, for a limited time so I suggest you download it right away if you want to give it a spin :)

BosseDesko says:

Well, if not too keen on the fitness part of the app I would recommend LocaToWeb. This is a real time tracker that do live updates to an online map. Tracks can be either public or private and you can even get your own profile page with a custom url to show your tracks. For me it is a great safety aspect that my wife can always see my exact location when I am out jogging alone. Check it out on

zdn1042 says:

I've downloaded quite a few of these activity tracker apps and I've yet to use one of them. I really gotta starting moving more, huh.