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How to access and use Memories in Snapchat for iPhone and iPad

Get nostalgic with Snapchat's newest feature: Memories!

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Can't empty the trash on your Mac because an item is in use? Try this!

Why does your Mac say you can't empty the trash because an item is in use when you know it's not? Because... sigh, reasons!

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Stocks app: The ultimate guide

How do you check the stocks and markets most important to you, right on your iPhone? With the built-in Stocks app and Siri, of course

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Can't delete a Mac app because it's still open? Here's the fix!

How do you delete an app when your Mac says it's open but it's really, really not? Like this!

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How to get verified on Twitter

Twitter still has some vague guidelines surrounding verification, but if you think you might qualify — or just want to take a whack at it — here's how you request verification from your iPhone or iPad.

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iBooks: The ultimate guide

How do you sample, download, highlight, and customize your ebooks, PDFs, and audiobooks with Apple's iBooks app? We'll show you!

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Fed up with the iOS 10 lock screen? Find zen with this quick Settings change

iOS 10 isn't out until the fall, but if you're running the public beta now, make this one change in Settings to improve your lock screen experience.

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Apple Music FAQ: Everything you need to know

A new update is coming to Apple Music this fall. What's currently available, and what's coming with iOS 10 and macOS Sierra? Here's what you need to know.

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How to use iCloud Music Library with Apple Music and iTunes Match: The ultimate guide

Apple Music has now incorporated iCloud Music Library's iTunes DRM-free matching into its subscription service. What is iCloud Music Library, and how does it help your music? Here's what you need to know.

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How to throw a perfect curveball in Pokémon Go

How do I throw a curveball in Pokémon Go? It's easier than it looks.

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