Cheap iMac torn-down, memory still not upgradeable

RAM on ,099 iMac is soldered onto the logic board

A tear down of Apple's new lower priced $1,099 iMac desktop reveals that, not suprisingly, the memory is not upgradeable. Users who purchase the system will be left stuck with the 8 GB of RAM that the device ships with as the RAM is soldered onto the logic board and cannot be swapped out for higher capacity modules.

Additionally, users who opt for this model cannot choose a build-to-order option with more memory. If you want more memory beyond the 8 GB, you would have to choose the next iMac model up. That model starts at $1,299 with the same amount of RAM but with better hardware specs. Choosing to increase the RAM on a build-to-order option on that model will take you to 16 GB for $1,499.

Does this fact make the cheaper iMac less appealing to you?

Source: Mac Sales

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Reader comments

Cheap iMac torn-down, memory still not upgradeable


Vomit. Just...vomit.
I can understand a cheaper device like a $499 iPad or $199 on contract iPhone not having upgradable ram...but a $1100 computer? Adding RAM is the best way to make a 3 year old computer feel snappy again...and not being an option is not an option.

Make the cheap iMac $799...and then it is justifiable. But not over 1K.

Yeah, I must agree with this. An 8 GB entry level unit will last for several years and anyone looking to save money by buying a low end i5 like this probably isn't interested in their own hardware upgrades.

At the time of purchase they may not. When the device starts to run slow in a couple of years what’s the first thing on the list to remedy?
Even those consumers that start with this may decide that computing is great and they can do more with their iMac, except they can’t……….

On another note. This is a throwaway device and after the song and dance they make about being green, this is extremely hypocritical. How does the triangle go, Reduce / Re-use / Recycle. There is no, ‘Throw in the bin’. For a phone non upgradeable RAM is fine, for an ultrabook, less so. For a desktop it’s just profiteering.
Somebody needs to put this point to TC live on stage.

This is a bad mistake on Apple's part. Aside from the looooong overdue refreshed MacMini STILL not being released, THIS "low end" iMac is a low move for Apple.

They have a golden opportunity - at a time when computer sales overall have stagnated; even Apple's own computer sales have slowed. They have been making money hand over fist over the last decade with the iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, AppStore, etc.

They want as many people to come into the entire Apple ecosystem. They could easily make serious advances in that direction by cutting the prices and upping the specs of their computers since they are such a small portion of the company's overall revenues (which can easily be offset by all the things that currently bring in the vast amount of their revenues).

It would bring so many more people to the Apple ecosystem (on two fronts: iOS at one end, OSX at the other end), and in the process put another nail in the coffin of the Windows-based PC.

This move by Apple is STUPID. *smh*

I've used Macs since the late 1980s, but Apple is greedy and this wouldn't be the first time they defended profit margins at the expense of not growing their market share. "It's all been done before." #BarenakedLadies

Soldering ram and drives onto motherboards does absolutely nothing but force you to buy more. How is that helping and showing customers that you care? All it's saying to me is, thanks for buying our gear - now spend more money with us - because our 90 points of markup weren't enough and we really want to rob you more.

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I really don't understand why people are still surprised by this. If Apple didn't sell these devices and they were just sitting on the shelves, they wouldn't still be manufacturing more of them.

It's a new trend, and it's not just in Apple. You'll probably want to start getting used to non-upgradable systems (unless you build your own or get it from a custom shop).