Create a digital scrapbook with Skrappy for iPad

Riada International has updated their scrapbooking iPad app, Skrappy, with many new enhancements.

  • Choose from themes including Photo Album, Traveller, Romance, Recipes and more.
  • Design your own themes to use yourself or share with friends.
  • Flip through pages like a book by swiping, or jump to any page using the Page Navigator.
  • Add, copy, paste or delete pages from the Page Navigator, even from different scrapbooks.
  • Arrange objects by dragging, resizing or rotating, or cut, copy and paste between pages or scrapbooks.
  • Crop and mask objects to shapes such as squares, circles, arrows, hearts and more.
  • Fill shape objects with colors, gradients or textures.
  • Set object properties such as borders, shadows, opacity and fonts.
  • Add text to objects using in-place text editing with properties such as alignment, margins, fonts and colors.
  • Choose page backgrounds using theme or built-in backgrounds, your own photos or images from the web.
  • Snap to guides at 10%, center and edges.
  • Include movies and voice memos.
  • Add music including album artwork from your iTunes music library.
  • Include web pages that open using the built-in browser or Safari.
  • Add clip art from the included library or images from the web.
  • Start multimedia objects automatically on page turns, or by tapping them.
  • Share your scrapbooks by exporting them in Skrappy or PDF format and share via email or iTunes File Sharing

If you're a scrapbooking fan, Skrappy will not disappoint. If you're not a scrapbooking fan, Skrappy just might turn you into one. It is very robust, runs great, and is so much more enjoyable than the traditional way of cutting paper, handling glue, and realizing you need to redo a page because you've misspelled a word. (Scrapbooking was never my thing).

Skrappy is on sale for $0.99. Screenshots and video after the break.

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Reader comments

Create a digital scrapbook with Skrappy for iPad


Thanks, of course we can find it by ourselfs thanks to google pour app search, but just wanted to suggest to Leanna to put the links in her post as it will be easier for users.
Anyway, thank you for the app which seems great and for following the review for users questions.
BTW, how big is your items library ? Can the app have access to a bigger online library you would provide ? What's the page resolution (if we print it does it sucks or not)? Can we change the page size ?

Be careful before investing time in this app! I just spent 8 hours creating an awesome digital scrapbook for my daughter only to find that I can not figure out the page size or DPI or export in JPG in order to send it to Shutterfly to print. I am devastated! It is a great app with awesome features, but what is the point if you can't get a good quality project out of it? Hours wasted!

I have created a scrapbook of my holiday, and want to transfer it to my computer to keep it. It has videos and photos. Is there a way that I can do so without losing the videos??