Quick Review: Crosswords on the iPad


My love of Crossword apps on mobile devices is no secret, so I was pleased to see that Standalone, Inc had their Crosswords app ready for the iPad at launch.

The phrase "just a big iPod Touch" is getting tossed around a lot this week and in some ways Crosswords is a perfect microcosm of that - some of the same iPhone screens and elements are available as pop-ups and in general there's no actual functionality that's available on the iPad version that you can't get on the iPhone -- except the gigantic screen. Portrait mode has enough space to show you a long list of clues, the keyboard, and in most cases the entire puzzle without zooming. Landscape is even better, giving you both the across and down clues in separate columns, the keyboard, and a zoomed-in view of the puzzle.

Naturally, there are plenty of features like hints, the ability to tweet your time, and of course the ability to download dozens of different crossword puzzles every day from both free and for-pay premium sources.

Video demo and gallery after the break!

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Dieter Bohn

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Quick Review: Crosswords on the iPad


Then you'll be getting hardly any news because you're still getting iPhone and iPod touch news mixed in from time to time. There's nothing much to report until the summer when the iPhone is updated. IPad is king of the hill right now and in the summer iPhone will be king of the hill. So hang in there. I for one am enjoying all the posts so far because I'm waiting to buy and I like to do a lot of research before I spend money.

Rene ...
If your going to let Dieter near your blog, make sure he doesn't post about crosswords again?!?

Too bad they introduced so many bugs in v2.0 while making it a "universal" app. Now, what used to work flawlessly on my iPod Touch, crashes all the time. Here's hoping there's a bug fix...and soon!

Crossword puzzles? Did the average human life span just increase? Unless one is in prison, who has time for crossword puzzles?