Cycle along with every stage of the Tour de France with these great iOS apps!

Every year around this time, a lot of possibly crazy people on bikes, hit the French tarmac for the month long Tour de France. The worlds greatest and best known cycle race is in its centenary year for 2013, so its a special year for the legendary race. The race has been underway for about a week now, but there's still plenty of action to come, and here's a selection of the best apps to get your Tour de France fix on your iOS devices!

Tour de France 2013 - The official mobile game

To ride out your own Tour de France on your iPhone or iPad, look no further than the official mobile game. Take on the role of Team Director with one objective; leading the team to victory and getting the Yellow Jersey as you hit the Champs-Elysee in Paris. The graphics are perhaps a little disappointing given the quality we're seeing in some games in 2013, but for that official experience you can't go wrong with this. A fun mobile game for the Tour de France fans everywhere.

Tour de France 2013 - The official app

Every major sporting event today deserves a good, official mobile app, and the 2013 Tour de France is no exception. If you want to keep up to date with quite literally all the action, then look no further. The live action view is pretty spectacular too, with a full spectrum of coverage including timings, current standings, splits between the leaders and the Peloton, a map showing the climbs and downhill sections of the stage, and a live text commentary of what's happening. Add in highlight videos and photos and what you have is probably the single best way to keep in touch with all the action from the race on your iOS device.

CyclingNews Tour Tracker

An unofficial app for keeping up with Le Tour from the folks at CyclingNews. It's a little more basic on the eye than the official app, but still contains much of the same information. Instead of having their own, proprietary map of the stages, Tour Tracker hooks into Apple Maps on your iOS device, and overlays key parts of the stages as well as the location of the lead riders and the Peloton. There's also a nice social feed tracker following all the teams Twitter accounts, and there's some really great roadside views in there. Best of all, it's completely free, so definitely worth a look.

Eurosport Player

This one's perfect for watching the action televised live on your iOS device. Eurosport is one of the official broadcasters of the Tour de France, and as such you can watch every stage unfold live via the Eurosport Player app. While it's a free download, it does require a monthly subscription to use, which in the UK is a pretty reasonable £2.99. The great thing about Eurosport is that they also broadcast a ton of other sports, so for that subscription you actually get quite a lot of viewing. It may however be limited by region, so do bear that in mind.

So, there's our picks for enjoying the 2013 Tour de France. If you've got any other great suggestions, be sure to share them in the comments below!

Richard Devine

Senior Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy

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karmski says:

I started watching the Tour mostly for the scenery, but after years of watching I'm hooked on the cycling. The Official app has lots of great stuff for beginner spectators, including definitions of the cycling terms used by commentators. So much good stuff that caters for enthusiasts at all levels.

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gopherhockey says:

The Tour has become a lame event that doesn't deserve to be recognized. Just look what happened to Ted King this year… probably the only rider not drugging. UCI Cycling has ruined this sport.

Ian Batterham says:

You might have thought about this post before the event was nearly over!

Richard Devine says:

As of today there's still two weeks to go. Hardly call that nearly over?