Going on vacation or just to someplace new and curious how to print out Maps driving directions so you can keep a hard copy handy? While the built-in iOS Maps app lacks turn by turn navigation, it does give you a visual map of your route and a list of directions. If you're driving through an area with dodgy data service, or you're just old school and want a physical copy, it's easy to print out that list of directions. They can then be handed to your passenger without the need for them to have your iPhone in their hand and it saves your battery life too.

  • First of all, you must have a printer that supports AirPrint
  • Open your Maps application and enter your start and end positions

  • Press the Route button
  • The route will then be calculated and displayed graphically

  • Tap on the curled up map options icon in the bottom right corner of the screen

  • Select Print

  • Select your printer
  • Select the number of copies you want

  • Hit Print

That’s it, you will now have a printed set of driving instructions for your intended journey.

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