Dungeon Hunter 4 hits the App Store, unleashes free-to-play RPG fury

Valenthia is beset by demons and only you have the power and prowess to save your people and set your world right. Yes, Gameloft has just released the fourth chapter of their epic RPG series, Dungeon Hunter 4. It's everything you loved about the first three, but with even better, more in-your-demon-face action than ever before.

Dungeon Hunter 4 promises an epic storyline, hundreds of enemies to hack and slash your way through, and lots of loot to reward you for your valiance. There's four classes, so there should be something to appeal to most types of RPG gamers, along with ways to upgrade your skills and customize your character. There are even co-op and PVP modes for you to get your multiplayer game on.

Now here's the bad news. Instead of a premium $9.99 price tag, it's free-to-play, and a lot of gamers don't seem too happy about it. Free to play can be done well, but it's a tricky thing to nail. Hopefully Gameloft listens to the feedback and tweaks the system to make it something everyone can enjoy.

If you've tried it, let me know what you think.

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Reader comments

Dungeon Hunter 4 hits the App Store, unleashes free-to-play RPG fury


Free to play can't ever be done well. JMO. It'd help if sites would stop or refuse to even review these type of apps.

Dead trigger and nimble quest are well done. You don't have to pay a single cent in dead trigger and you can purchase almost all of the premium weapons.

Ok ok I downloaded it and it is actually great. I love the comic book feel it has and I can't believe this is the 4th installment how do these kinds of cool games just get overlooked. Thanks for leading me to and it remains to be seen if the free to play sucks.

This is not freemium, it's SHAREWARE

There is no way to experience the full game unless you pay. Earn as much gold as you like, you can only buy basic items. Level as much as you like but without crystals you only have access to (4) skills in your skill tree. Of these 4 skills, 2 are passive btw.
Sure you can earn crystals, but with the rate of (1) crystal per minute of ad-watching, you would have to sit through maybe an hour of watching ads in order to earn enough crystals to do an unlock.

If you want a few hours of hack & slash, this is a free title that will give you that. Nothing more unless you pony up a bit of cash.

What I think they should have done, not that it really matters:
Do what Real Racing 4 did. Make paying something that provides an added convenience, or luxury to the game. But locking your skill tree and items unless you pay is called SHAREWARE, not freemium.