Flipagram lets you easily create short videos with your Instagram and Camera Roll images

Flipagram lets you easily create short videos with your Instagram and Camera Roll images

Most of us have tons of photos in both our Camera Roll and on Instagram. Why not combine all those photos into one video slideshow we can share with friends and family? That's exactly what Flipagram for iPhone does.

Flipagram is a sharing app that has one sole purpose, to help you make short movies out of your images. You can link up your Instagram account and pull directly from it, which makes for a neat way to rediscover old pictures you may have already forgotten about. If you plan on uploading the short video to Instagram, you can even have Flipagram time the video for you and evenly space all slides. Or you can manually choose the length of each.

Once you're done, you can choose music from your music library to go along with your Flipagram movie. From there, all you have left to do is share it. Flipagram supports native sharing to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, email, and export to Camera Roll. The only option I see missing is Twitter, which is odd, but not a deal breaker as you can always upload it directly from your Camera Roll.

All your Flipagram creations show up on the main menu of Flipagram underneath where you would tap to begin a new project. This way you can tap into any of your older projects and access them whenever you'd like to share them again.

I've found Flipagram to be a neat way to rediscover and interact with old Instagram photos I've forgotten about. If you've tried Flipagram, let us know what you think in the comments!

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Flipagram lets you easily create short videos with your Instagram and Camera Roll images


I should go to android and not with iPhone, because the best App are the pay one without Ads and it bring more stuff for you to enjoy!!!

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i try so much app but this one look nice ! the graphic really good and easy to use !

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I used iMovie. Had to play around to get everything to display properly on Instagram. But at the end it turned out well. I downloaded PicFlow, it works well, only thing is that it has a small watermark on the bottom right hand corner. It can be removed if you upgrade for .99 / it's limited but works great.

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After spending an hour looking for the perfect app to make a musical slideshow of my 2013 adventures I finally found Flipagram. I was so happy! It turned out extremely well. Also, it's now free for iPhones!