Giveaway: Slacker Premium Radio subscriptions

Slacker Radio is one of the most popular internet radio services available in the US and Canada. It is available for free, but has limitations such as ads and a limited number song skips. Users can subscribe to Slacker Plus Radio or Slacker Premium Radio and receive the following additional features (bolded features are exclusive to Slacker Premium):

  • No ads
  • Unlimited song skips
  • Mobile station caching
  • ABC news
  • ESPN radio
  • Complete song lyrics
  • Play songs on demand
  • Play albums on demand
  • Play single artist stations
  • Cache albums and playlists
  • Create playlists


The good folks at Slacker, Inc have have given us some subscription codes for Slacker Premium to give away! We've got three 1-year subscriptions and two 3-month subscriptions. For a chance to win, just let us know your favorite song in the comments below!

Slacker Radio is available on the iPhone and iPad for free. Slacker Plus is available for $3.99/month and Slacker Premium is $9.99/month.

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There are 281 comments. Add yours.

Adrian says:

"Plastic Jesus". Paul Newman sang it in Cool Hand Luke.
Also "Crucial" by K-OS.

Mare says:

Currently Adele, Set Fire to the Rain

Dylan says:

"imagine" by John Lenon

djayme7 says:

i want you back...jackson 5

AJ says:

Give me everything by Pitbull

BParker4381 says:

Gypsy Woman by Johnathon Tyler

Tyler says:

Cleanin' Out My Closet by Eminem

Mansoor says:

LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock

Sp1d3rz says:

Imagine cover by A Perfect Circle

Andy M says:

Beat it by Michael Jackson

jkeitz says:

Faith (When I Let You Down) by Taking Back Sunday

Ken says:

"Jessica" by The Allman Bros Band

Ed says:

Lynyrd Skynrd - Sinple Man

Yankees368#IM says:

Doesn't remind me by audioslave

Duce says:

Wonderful World by the great Satchmo

Risdiyanto Ginting says:

Hard to say I'm sorry by Chicago

Jayry55 says:

My favorite song is By the Way by Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Navid25 says:

Make my city proud by soulja boy

Juan Magdaraog says:

One of my current favs: 'Satisfaction' by Allen Stone

Jerry says:

Turning tables by adele

Cooldoggie says:

Lady antebellum - need you now

Almichael says:

I Just Can't Get Enough by The Black Eye Peas

Mark Leipold says:

Running up the Hill - Placebo

Jonathan Potrykus says:

Teenage Enema Nurses In Bondage

Dawn says:

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Loper

friscosooner says:

Lovers In a Dangerous Time by Barenaked Ladies!!!

Sketso says:

Sleeping Giant - Tongues of Fire

Jack Blake says:

Make you feel my love - Adele

TheRealLuis says:

Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 Ft. Christina Aguilera

alg_TMR says:

Anything by Adele from her 21 album.

Daniel says:

Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith

John C says:

It would have to be American Pie by Don McClean. Still relative to the world today.

GaryW says:

Hmmm...millions of songs to pick from...
How about Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger

gabe_tash says:

Elecric Relaxation-A Tribe Called Quest

placa5150 says:

I will agree with 42, American Pie

Antonio says:

Linkin Park - In The End

NovaTornado says:

Until the End - Master Blaster

Dieselboy27 says:

Hale Bopp by Sander Van Doorn

crwoo says:

Micheal w smith. Our god is an awesome god

Stefon says:

It will Rain - Bruno Mars, Breaking Dawn Soundtrack.

Bill m says:

Gorillaz - clint eastwood. I could here that song 1000 times and it wouldnt get old.

Gary Cheyne says:

Chalkdust Torture by Phish

Bryan R says:

Huffman Prairie Flying Fields by Guided by Voices.

isuquinndog says:

These Days by Foo Fighters

Jacki says:

Adela -- Set fire to the Rain

JP S says:

Good Vibrations, Beach Boys

Shawn says:

Smooth criminal by Michael Jackson!

Nate says:

Love Is Dead, The Lovemakers

Eaches says:

Sweet Emotion -Aerosmith.
I'm not young anymore...

Travis says:

My curse - killswitch engage

Drew says:

The Wrestle - Frightened Rabbit

Ben Ragunton says:

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

copernicus0001 says:

This is a very difficult question - NO - It's Impossible for me to answer, for there is so much wonderful music and to select only one piece is quite a challenge. I love Beethoven's Sonata No. 8 - "Pathétique", as well as Frank Sinatra's rendition of "My Way". Barbara Streisand's, "The Way We Were", is another of my favorites.
But I must select only one... and with reflection, the answer now becomes obvious to me....
"It's Impossible" - Performed by Perry Como.

Thomas t says:

When Sunday Comes by Daryl Coley

landon says:

Country Boy's World by Jason Aldean

Eddy says:

My Mind's Eye by Sirenia.

redbeard says:

Metallica- For whom the bell tolls

DH says:

China Grove, Doobie Brothers

RichieHD#AC says:

"Jaws Theme Swimming" by Brand New

Vicente Ordoñez says:

Big Empty by Stone Temple Pilots!!!

Bondman says:

Lately I've been listening to "Closer to Love" by Mat Kearney. Thanks for the giveaway, iMore! :)

Gizmocivic says:


roy says:

8o's baby dats where its at

DJChameleon says:

U2 - One. The song that saved the band during the Addicting Baby recording sessions when they were struggling to define a new direction and were having a crisis of faith about still being relevant musically during the Grunge revolution. This was the song that convinced the members of the band they could still create music that mattered. Yes, I'm very passionate about music.

Ernesto says:

Logged onto my slacker acct., went to my favorite songs tab, searched the artist with the most favorited songs:
Billy Currington
Most popular song:

Imahunnibunni says:

The Fear of Being Found- Blaqk Audio

Dl Betty says:

Oh this is hard, all I have is music, housebound on oxygen gets tough at times and music makes me happy, So many- My Sweet Lord George Harrison, Kiss You all Over by Exile, Imagine by Lennon, that is my brain song to remind me of how it can be simple and not bogged down or overwhelmed at times sorry for the long answer.

Zumajg says:

Wave of mutilation by the Pixies

Dan Paris says:

I like "Pornstar Dancing"!! Cause I love watching the girls dancing to it...! Even join in occasionally, if they're hot enough! Haha ;)

Jerrell Herod says:

Such Great Heights by Iron and Wine

Charles says:

"A Heavy Abacus" by The Joy Formidable

Porque says:

Romeo - Promise Ft Usher

Fernely says:

Just can't get enough by plack eyed peas

Ryan says:

"Hurt" by Trent Reznor covered by Johnny Cash is my current favorite song.

Tom abramov says:

"The black keys - too afraid to love you"
"John legend and the roots - hard times"

Greg says:

Have you seen me lately? Counting Crows

rafael says:

rocker monstet by heatbeat

Vanessa says:

Give Me More - Keyshia Cole

jwsnj3rd says:

anything from breaking benjamin, they rock :)

Taphall says:

Moves like Jagger - Maroon 5

Bacco says:

Green Grass and High Tides by the Outlaws.

Chris E says:

The Macarena! Just kidding. Actually, its Lucky Star by Madonna.

Mark L says:

Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seger

jlb21 says:

Favorite is so hard to do.....
Favorite running/power song: Roll with the Changes - REO

danlarock says:

"Don't Walk Away" Sick Puppies

Fornate says:

Currently: Rogue Bagel by Ott

Glenn#IM says:

Young Thing by Chet Atkins. Sounds easy, but hard to pick.

DriZzLe says:

"Laplaco" by Brendan Bensen

Michael says:

"Time to Pretend" by MGMT

John says:

I Got a Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas
Makes my mood change for the better each time I hear it.

Rdeans says:

Lonely Boy by the Black Keys

Stides says:

Kharma Police by Radiohead

LovingNita says:

Take Care By Drake ft Rihanna

JB says:

Very tough question to answer. Depending on the day, I probably would answer differently.
Today I'll say it is
Subdivisions by Rush

dougdog says:

Currently, Air - Missing The Light Of The Day

Brian Dunn says:

I'm In Love W:U - Alex Meagher
(my friend wrote it and it's coming on iTunes soon!)

Julee says:

Red Dress by No Justice

Chris says:

Exploder bu Audioslave

j7469 says:

Sorry for repost but screwed up my email.
The Trees - Rush

Brad Carithers says:

Sleep With One Eye Open (Tek One Remix) by Bring Me the Horizon

Ted says:

After Midnight by Eric Clapton

Jimny says:

My latest favorite song is young wild and free by wiz kalifa and snoop dogg.

clealsgirl says:

The Living Proof - Mary J. Blige

Ryan W says:

"The Art Teacher" - Rufus Wainwright

lisa says:

how does one choose a favorite song?? browned eyed girl by van morrison; diamonds on the sole of her shoes by paul simon; beautiful by christina aguilera - the list could go on and on!!!

mbpre says:

"You and Me" by Dave Matthews Band

Andrew A says:

Stereo heart by gym class heroes

Dan says:

At the moment I'm into Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain". Thanks and love your website.

vyrenee says:

"Holy Mountains" by System of a Down

Chris says:

Sweet home Alabama - lynard skynard

tlo07 says:

When You're Young by 3 Doors Down

beamase says:

"New York, New York" by Frank Sinatra

Clint says:

Ten-Twenty-Ten by Generationals

Ray says:

Dangerous by Michael Jackson

Sean says:

Right now I am really enjoying the Seven Nation Army Remix by Glitch Mob.

Donald says:

Sopa Cabana by Dan Bull

CPFB says:

Viva la Vida by Coldplay

detfan says:

Simple Man - Shinedown

Harper2.0 says:

Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio

jhpx123 says:

Can't Find My Way Home by Blind Faith

Nick says:

"New York, New York" by Frank Sinatra

Ken M. says:

Adele- set fire to the rain!

Nico says:

Con las ganas by Zahara

charlee572 says:

Little Lion Man - Mumford and Sons

Jen says:

Black,Black Heart
David Usher

ABC says:

Real Love - Mary J. Blige

bigjayLLC says:

Currently, We Found Love - Rihanna

RevJar says:

Slacker would make a lovely addition to my office speakers while I work. Who wouldn't want free streaming music?

mk3s says:

"Don't kill the whale" by Yes!

Danny says:

"Dream Warriors" by Dokken

Greg says:

"Busy Man" by The Baron Sisters. And they're easy on the eyes LOL!

HAL 8950 says:

East Jesus Nowhere - Green Day

admirer_of_you says:

Future islands - inch of dust

Gannon says:

Britney Spears - I Wanna Go

Slade says:

Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1 - Helloween

Tomas says:

Cinema by Benny Benassi for the moment.

tacogy3 says:

Give me everything - pitbull

Sam says:

Pearl Jam ~ Just Breath

Chris Lyon says:

Ice, Ice, Baby by Vanilla Ice

Pat says:

Bitch Came Back by Theory of a Dead Man

Colin W. says:

Michael Bublé's Haven't Met You Yet.
Thanks, iMore!

iJoeNYC says:

My favorite song of right now has to be Strange Clouds by B.O.B

mikelite says:

I'm going with ghostwriter by rjd2

Ginbill says:

For sure, Rapture by iiO.

tyler_zyco says:

Cinema by Benny Benassi remixed by Skrillex!

Pedro says:

Naive by The Kooks.
Awesome song.
Awesome band. says:

Paul McCartney's Yesterday the best rock ballad ever written

mech1164 says:

Goodnight Saigom by Billy Joel

mech1164 says:

Saigon can't type to save my soul.

BillJude56 says:

Throwin Stones-Grateful Dead

Drew says:

Picking a favorite song is nearly impossible. I'll go with Last Cup of Sorrow by Faith No More.

brock_star666 says:

'Pendulum' by After the Burial.

Alan says:

Jungleland by Bruce Springstein. Classic rocker with a long jam at the end. Never gets old! I love slacker radio but only have the free version.

eclipse31 says:

Wow, just one favorite song? Ok, I'll pick Matchbox Twenty "You Won't Be Mine" :)

Oscar says:

Come what may - moulin rouge

Scott says:

Lady Cab Driver - Prince (headphones a must)!

Rallant80 says:

Bennie and the Jets by Elton John!

DoubleAron says:

Hmm, my favorite song changes all the time. At the moment I have hit the back button on Simple Man (the remake by Shinedown) to hear it again a couple times.

Al says:

Avenged Sevenfold
So Far Away

Jdevenberg says:

Devil's Work Day by modest mouse

George says:

Good Love Is On The Way - John Mayer

MooPenguin32 says:

My favorite song of all time is "Gotta Be" by Deseree. I don't have a favorite current song. There's just so many I enjoy listening to.

BeyondtheTech says:

F**k You by Cee Lo Green. Never gets old.

Eric says:

One favorite song? That sounds impossible. I'd say pretty much any song by Linkin Park.

tttc24 says:

"Cause I Love You" Lenny Williams

Nelson says:

Adele Set Fire To The Rain

Chris says:

Mariah Carey--- We be long together

Ryan says:

Take me out - Atomic Tom
You know.. the one where they used the iPhone 4 to make the video? ;D

Gaston says:

Silent Lucidity by Queensryche.

Jay Greenwell says:

Bron-Y-Aur (instrumental) by Led Zeppelin

dev2nsu says:

Lets stay together by Marvin Gaye good luck everyone

David Ferrandino says:

My favorite song on slacker is "a house is not a home " by Luther vandross. Thanks imore

DJ says:

Dancing On My Own by Robyn

Brandon says:

One man drinking games - Mayday Parade

sherlock says:

Authority Song by John Mellencamp.

Aaron M says:

Whirring (Extended version) - Joy Formidable

akreischer says:

"We Found Love" by Rihanna

Jose M. says:

You me dancing - los campesinos

tbro4033 says:

Right now, my favorite song is "You Wouldn't Have To Ask" by Bad Books (Manchester Orchestra and Kevin Devine collab)

ravee3rd says:

You're asking the impossible, but I'll go with Fresh Air by Quicksilver Messenger Service.

Dave says:

More than concorurs-- impending doom

dloveprod says:

Tina Turner - I Don't Wanna Fight No More

Kristy_Lyn says:

Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here

g_diddy says:

Wish You Were Here---Pink Floyd

Paul Lee says:

You can't always get what you want - the rolling stones

Anthony says:

Gimme the Loot by Biggie Smalls

Justin says:

Favorite song right now has to be Let Me Show You Love by Avicii and featuring Ash. Such a great track again by Avicii!