How to invert screen colors on iPhone and iPad

How to invert screen colors on iPhone and iPad

For certain individuals that are visually impaired, inverting the colors of the iPhone and iPad screen may make it easier to read, particularly for users who are colorblind or partially colorblind. This is actually a built in accessibility option for all iPhones and iPads. So whether you yourself are visually impaired or you know someone who is, it could make reading text and viewing content within iOS much easier.

Here's how:

  1. Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Now scroll down and tap on Accessibility.
  4. You'll see an option for Invert Colors in the first set of options. Toggle the switch to the On position.

You'll notice the screen colors will now invert and somewhat resemble a photo negative. This can make it easier for those with certain visual impairments to pick out content and navigate easier. You can pop back into Settings at any time to disable it if you'd like to later on.

Allyson Kazmucha

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PassOutPete says:

I actually use inverted colors! Especially at night, it really eases the strain on my eyes. Three rapid presses of the home button and voilà! When my friend first got his iPhone, I inverted his colors and told him that his iPhone was broken! It drove him nuts for about a day!

asuperstarr says:

Wow! The accessibility section is really a powerful tool. Thanks for the tip!

NAMISH says:

I saw inverted colours on the iPhone over 1.5 years ago... My niece was playing with my uncle's iPhone 3GS and suddenly my Uncle said "Oh! I think she's broken my phone!"

Somehow my niece - a little shy of 2 years at the time - had gone into settings, inverted the colours, turned on assistive touch, and a bit more. Made for a fun few minutes before we realized what had actually happened! ;)

robby2 says:

I use this all the time for night time reading of apps that don't offer color themes (most don't!). That way, instead of black text on glaring white background that will wake you or you partner up, you see white text on black background-- easier to read.

Most apps need to add color themes-- or even better, Apple needs to build it into its SDK, if it hasn't already. You should always be able to change the colors, especially of that glaring white keyboard-- which, even in many apps that have a night mode (or color theming), do NOT change the keyboard colors.

By the way, night mode or changing colors is a godsend in astronomy-- you can preserve your dark adaptation, meaning you can see more in the sky, fainter things more distinctly. One quick look at a bright screen, especially with white background, and you'll need another 1/2 hour or more to get the adaptation back.

shinuyuki says:

I honestly never thought of doing this for night time when reading. I might have to do this will Play Books because I haven't figured out how to do night time on iOS. Was easy for me to find out on Android.

extol4000 says:

I use it for night reading

ComicJohnPowers says:

This feature is incredible. Really trippy and fun to look at. Stumbled on it while trying to turn off government alerts. Very happy to see I'm not the only one who knows about this feature.


inverting colors also invert photos on storage pls make another update on this pls correct this bugs...