How to change settings on your iPhone or iPad with Siri on iOS 7

How to enable and disable settings on your iPhone or iPad with Siri

You can control general settings like Bluetooth, WiFi, and Airplane mode by hopping into the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad, or through Control Center. But why if you can just ask Siri to enable or disable a setting for you? Here's how:

How to toggle general iPhone and iPad settings with Siri and iOS 7

  1. Launch Siri by pressing down and holding the Home button on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 7 or higher.
  2. Say something like Disable WiFi or Turn on Airplane Mode.
  3. Wait for Siri to understand what you said and disable or enable the setting in question.

That's all there is to it! Currently you can ask Siri to control Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb, WiFi, Bluetooth, Rotation Lock, screen brightness, and volume. You can also of course ask Siri to launch any app you have installed too.

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Reader comments

How to change settings on your iPhone or iPad with Siri on iOS 7


This has been one of my favorite features of Siri's "new" abilities. Ever since I suffered my first day to plan overages, I am always telling Siri to turn off/on Cellular Data to protect my data plan as much as I can (no thanks to that weird Wi-Fi issue that used to plague my phone).
(Really tragically bad that Siri doesn't have onboard support yet.)

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If you use Siri to enable airplane mode, could you then use Siri to disable airplane mode? My understanding is that Siri needs a network connection to work.

Sent from the iMore App

When you enable airplane mode Siri warns you that she'll no longer work and asks for confirmation.

On my iPhone 5 I can't get volume to adjust. Trying "mute" or "turn volume down" or other variations just gives me "Sorry but I'm not able to change that setting."

Rotation lock also not working for me. Either as "turn off rotation lock" or just "turn off rotation"

I'm unclear what the benefit is to using Siri to adjust these settings now that Control Center is available. Seems like the added overhead of Siri sending the audio data back to Apple outweighs any benefit.

I have to really start using my personal assistant more. She has been under worked and over paid. Siri get me a cup of hot tea with lemon.

Sent from the iMore App

For this one, I think doing the changes using the Control Center seem way faster. Still good to know.