How to set up and use Reading Lists in iOS 7 Safari

How to set up and start using Reading Lists in iOS 7 Safari

Reading Lists is Apple's own take on a read-it-later service. Built right into the Safari browser, you can save any webpage you find interesting but just don't happen to have time for at the moment. Then, you can come back when you're ready, and find all your saved items, all in one convenient place. Because Reading Lists sync, you can also save things from your iPhone on the go, then read them at home later on your iPad, or stack up a bunch of articles from your Mac, then read them while you're waiting in line on your iPhone. It's not as powerful as some App Store alternatives, but it's built right in, and that makes it incredibly convenient.

How to add an article to your Reading List in iOS 7 Safari

  1. Launch Safari from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad. You can also use any other third party app that supports sending links to Safari's Reading List.
  2. Navigate to the web address for the article or page that you'd like to add to your Reading List.
  3. Tap on the Share button.
  4. Now tap on Add to Reading List.

That's it. The page or story is now in your Safari Reading List. Keep in mind that the process you'll use may vary a little in third party apps that support Safari Reading List. If all else fails, just look for a Share button or hold down on a link to see if an option comes up.

How to access your Reading List in iOS 7 Safari

  1. Launch Safari from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on the Bookmarks icon in the bottom navigation menu.
  3. Now tap on the icon in the top navigation that looks like reading glasses.
  4. This is your Safari Reading List. Now just tap on the story you'd like to start reading.

That's all there is to it! Many apps support Safari Reading List now so you can pretty much send articles and web pages to it from wherever. This makes it perfect for recipes, funny articles you want to remember to share later, and pretty much anything else you don't want to have to try and remember where you found it later.

How to get more help with iOS 7 Safari

If you have specific questions about Safari or iOS 7 in general, check out our iOS 7 help and discussion forum. For more on Safari in specific, check out our ultimate guide:

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How to set up and use Reading Lists in iOS 7 Safari


I've used it on occasion but I always revert to Instapaper. I simply prefer it over the built-in Reading List feature or any other 3rd party read-later apps.

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Brilliant - thanks. Not very intuitive though, is it? I'd have expected the 'add' button to have been somewhere within the reading list itself.