How to set a default call answer mode on iPhone

How to set a default call answer mode on iPhone

If you take a lot of calls on your iPhone, you may use a headset while driving or prefer answering calls over the loud speaker as opposed to the earpiece. As it happens iOS has quite a few accessibility options options including one that lets you change the default answer mode.

Here's how:

  1. Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Scroll down towards the bottom and tap on Accessibility.
  4. Now tap on Incoming Calls under the Physical & Motor section.
  5. Here you have the option to toggle between Default, Headset, and Speaker. Default answers calls like normal through the normal earpiece in your iPhone while headset will use any headset you have paired with your phone. The last option, speaker, will utilize the built-in loud speaker and default to that whenever you answer a call. Tap the one you want.

That's all there is to it. Your iPhone will now start obeying whatever incoming call option you've selected in Settings.

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Reader comments

How to set a default call answer mode on iPhone


Is there a way to force/default it to always use a specific Bluetooth device, for phone calls, if multiples are connected (e.g. Car BT for calls and Radio BT for music butonly want calls going through Car BT)?

A really great feature would be to add a voice control application, that automatically listens when you have an incoming call, You could simply say " Answer " or " Pick Up " & Your call would be answered.
It would save al ot of car wrecks.

Just a quick FYI: I use the Plantronics Voyager Legend bluetooth headset and I can do what you describe. When a call comes in, the headset asks me if I want to "Answer" or "Ignore" and I simply repeat one or the other and can keep my eyes on the road etc.

I used to use the Jawbone ERA and I really liked it, but the Legend has the edge, overall.

That's a neat tip. The accessibility section in the iOS is really something if used appropriately. Thanks for the post.

When I have nothing connected to my iPhone, I prefer to use speakerphone, so I have this set as my default. If I have headphones or a headset connected, I prefer that device. This works if I initiate a call, but if I answer a call, even using said headset or headphone switch, it still goes to speakerphone. I really hate that, as the phone is usually in my pocket or somewhere inconvenient. What is needed is a way to have a hierarchy or some logic to make better assessments of what I really want. Maybe in iOS7?

I have a 5S that I've successfully paired with my bluetooth unit in my car. I hear the phone ringing through the bluetooth, it has paired fine, but I cannot use the bt control panel (it's like a fob) to answer or end calls. I have gone through your steps above, but am wondering, should I select "Headset" to route calls to the bt speaker in the car? I haven't tried that yet but maybe that's the issue, because as I said it paired perfectly. Thanks.