How To: Use The iPhone App Store

Civilizations rose and fell.  Rivers carved canyons.  Stars twinkled into existence, then died.  All this while we waited for iPhone 2.0 and the App Store.  If you were lucky enough to upgrade your iPhone 2G to 2.0 or have a newly-acquired iPhone 3G, and you have upgraded to iTunes 7, you now have access to the App Store on either iTunes or your iPhone and the 3rd party native apps downloading extravaganza can commence!  If you are new to 3rd party apps, new to iPhone and/or iTunes, or just want a little guidance before diving into the App Store, then read on after the break for the App Store walkthrough!

There are two ways to access the App Store: either on your iPhone or through iTunes.  Let's start with the iPhone App Store experience.  With your iPhone in hand, tap the App Store icon. The user experience is very similar to using iTunes on your iPhone, so if you've been an iTunes user on your iPhone, then the App Store will feel very familiar.










The page that greets you when you enter iPhone's App Store will give you the option to look at New Apps that have been added and the most popular and frequently-downloaded Apps under What's Hot.  Apps are displayed in a list with up to 5-star ratings and price.  Along the bottom you'll find tabs for Featured, Categories, Top 25, Search, and Updates.










Here is a screenshot of the Featured New Apps.  You can scroll down to view over 20 new apps here.  A similar view is available if you select the What's Hot button.












Tap on categories and a list of different app categories appears with the number of apps in each category. Just tap on a category to then browse the list of apps in that category. Selecting the Top 25 tab will give you a list of the most popular 25 apps so you can see what your iPhone peers are using.  Be the first to review and rate an app!

The Search tab will display a list of available software as you type in the name, just like searching for music in iTunes.  Once you find an app you are looking for, just tap the name and you can then see the price and select it for more details and for purchasing.

Here is an example of what you will see once you've selected an app from the list.  More detail, like app name, the company or person that developed it, the number of reviews and 1 to 5-star rating by other iPhone users, and the price.

Just click on the price and confirm your purchase and your iPhone will download the app.  If the app is larger than 10mb, then a wifi connection will be required.  After all, AT&T doesn't want you tying up precious bandwidth on their 3G network with massive downloads.  Once downloaded, you can enjoy the app.  The next time you sync with iTunes, the app will sync with iTunes as part of your iPhone backup.  Then, if you ever have to restore your iPhone to factory settings, your apps will be included when restoring from backup.

Finally, there's an Updates tab so you can check and see if there are, naturally, updates for the software you've downloaded.

That sums it up for the App Store on your iPhone.  Give it a try today and download some cool apps!



Now let's move on over to the iTunes App Store, which is fully integrated into iTunes and functions practically the same as downloading music or movies.

Just click on the App Store in iTunes and you can browse all the apps by category, popularity, most recently added, and even by the top FREE apps available for download.

Browse through lists of the top 10 Paid apps and Free apps, or see even more apps in these categories.

You can get a quick look at Staff Favorites and What's Hot (popular).

Click on an item you are interested in and get a better description, including the author of the app, price, release date, and file size.

Also included on the app detail page are screenshots (if provided) and Customer Reviews.  You can get more detail about what others think of the app and get a better sense of whether or not you want to make the purchase and download it.

If you click the Buy button, your iTunes account will be charged and the app will download in iTunes.  Then, the app will load to your iPhone when you sync.

Fortunately, the App Store on both the iPhone and in iTunes is easy to use and full of fun and useful apps already.  Check it out today and start downloading apps to your iPhone -- you just may be surprised at how powerful your iPhone really is with the right apps installed.








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Reader comments

How To: Use The iPhone App Store


Hey i have got one this morning. i just loved it ...the videos are just too good also thanks for posting this

I've spent $25 so far, and will probably spend about $20 more. A Bat
AcidSolitaire (an excellent port of a favorite Palm app of mine)

I downloaded several apps and they are displayed on my iphone. When I try to open the app it appears for a few seconds and then it goes back to the regular screen. Anybody know how to fix this?

@idefix. I had this same problem for a while. I did a restart of the iphone (power down and then turning it back on) and it solved my problem.
My apps so far are
Paid: Band (pretty fun, although you probably need to have some understanding of music for it to be much fun for you, its nothing like guitar hero)
Moto racer (fun enough, great graphics, but gets a little old after a while).
Aurora Feint (A+++++++, addicting, beautiful graphics, takes advantage of almost all the features unique to the iphone and I've been playing it for quite a while and its more fun than the first time I played it)
Tap Tap revenge (fun, but needs more songs)
Cube Runner (fun, simple, smooth controls, great app)
T4twofree (tennis game) Lots of fun for two players. can also play one player by manipulating the accelorometer (ie try to see how long you can keep the ball in play).
blip solitare (meh, its okay)
iMaze (meh)
Pandora radio (A+, I love pandora on my computer, now its even better on my iPhone, great for discovering new music while also listening to old favorites)
AIM (well, its aim, works well)
Remote (A+, I have a nice setup where I take my airport express with airtunes, hook it up to my ipod hifi speakers and then use my iphone to control the music at parties, guests are uber impressed)
I have a few more, but not much to say about them.

The only thing I know about it is that it looks like the person who's doing the posts has the same name as you :)

FJR - the restart thing does not work for me and it's really starting to bug me. I'm wondering what it is I can do to fix this.

I tried downloading a bunch of apps and it asks for User Account Information including my Password. Do I need to sync with iTunes first to do this?
My itunes login is my AOL email address and password but it doesn't seem to allow me to download the app directly onto the phone. Is an iTunes/computer connection needed first?
Essentially, I get stuck because the appstore doesn't recognize my login and password.

Remember that you must sync the app with your iTunes after you download it to your iPhone; otherwise, you will lose it/gone/done for.

Hey FJR,
Thanks for the advice on the apps. :)
I downloaded some of your recommendations.
I also downloaded ePocrates (drug info database, I work in pharmaceuticals) and PhoneSaber (it amused me for a few minutes).
Anyone have any other apps they really like? I'm sticking to the freebies for now, unless something really hot hits my radar.
I love the app store so far. I didn't upgrade to the new iPhone... my old one works fine. ;)

I'm also having trouble with my Apps just like budpaul. I try and open an app and after 2 seconds it goes back to the home screen. Tried restarting, syncing etc but no joy :(
any ideas?

I talked to a "Genius" at the Apple Store and he said you have to sync to iTunes first before downloading from the Appstore.
Kind of an odd requirement if you ask me.

Found the solution on the Apple Forums.
First, uninstall all apps on your iphone via itunes on your computer. Then, re authorise your itunes under the store menu at the top. Then re-sync and install apps back.
Works for me :)

um i just got the 3g iphone today. I live in Canada. When you try to download an app, they ask for your account. I gave my itunes account. Is that what your supposed to give or its another account that i must make...
PLZ HELPPP!!!!!!!!!:s

Same as above, I logged in to the appstore (on the iPhone) with a friends account just to look at some of the free stuff, now I want to switch to my own account. However, his is still cached and only allows me to enter a password for his account. HELP !

I have a question. One of my apps has been updated and I went ahead and let it update. Will I be charged for the update? Granted it was only $.99 but I dont want to get bit if I update a more expensive app.
Thanks in advance,

To remove the logged in account on your iPhone, try this:
1. Launch the Apps Store on your iPhone
2. From Featured, Categories or Top 25, scroll all the way down to verify that your account is still there.
3. Launch iTunes on your PC/MAC
4. Attach the sync cable to your iPhone.
5. Sign in and out of the iTunes store.
6. Detach the sync cable from your iPhone.
7. Relaunch the Apps Store on your iPhone. Close it first if you left it open from before.
8. From Featured, Categories or Top 25, scroll all the way down to verify that it is showing No Account.

i bought some apps and i tried to run them then 2 seconds goes by and it goes back to the home screen. wut do i do?

Hi Joe and Dimitris -- if you read up at the previous comments, you'll find that others encountered the same problem and they posted their solution. You may need to remove the apps from your iPhone via a sync with iTunes, re-authorize your account (by clicking on your account button at the top right of the iTunes Store screen), then reload your apps via sync. Hopefully this will correct the problem.

im trying to download apps but it says my aol password is not correct.. do you know how i can change the password on it? or what the problem seems to be?

To delete an app you've downloaded that you no longer want.... tap and hold the icon until it shakes. A small x will appear in the left corner of that icon...tap the x to delete that app.

So the bottom line is that you can't use the app store on the iPhone standalone. This is a problem for me since I don't have a computer that I can use iTunes on. Dialup at home makes it impossible (tried) and blocked at work.

I try to download apps but it says that its not available in canada. Is it even possible to download apps if you live in canada?

i'v successfully purchased apps and installed them on my iphone. is it possible to share these apps and install them on my friend's iphone?

i mean can my friend install these apps (the ones i already installed on my iphone) on her iphone without having to pay for the same ones i'v already purchased thru my account?

I downloaded apps from iTunes and I knwo there should be a tab when you click the Ipod icon on iTunes that says "Applications" but.... there isn't. So the Apps I bought I can't synch them onto my iPod Touch. Anyone know how to get my apps on my touch with the above problem?

I'm trying to download an app but it says that I have to connect to itunes in my computer becouse there was a billing problem in the previous problem is that I don't have a computer, I would like to know if I can fix the problem direcly from my iPhone or any other way

Hi, my appstore seems to be stuck in the american version, and i live in denmark. It used to work, but now i cant download any apps??

Purchased a new laptop. Installed new iTunes on new laptop. Sync'd iPhone to new laptop. It removed all apps (free and purchased). Reinstalling all apps from iTunes Store. All but one says I've already purchased and reinstall properly. One shows on my Account purchase history but tries to charge me again. How do I reinstall an app I've already paid for? Thanks for any help.

Regarding jr I agave the same problem about something to do with billing and connect to the computer iTunes???

I have the new 3G and need to open an App Store account, but don't know how to do it. Help!

how do i get the app store on my ipod touch?
do i just download the 2.2.1 update or no?
help me

Every time i try to open my itunes on my iphone it says that it is not supported in this country , but it was working fine a couple days ago, does anyone know ho to fix it?

I lost the icon for the app store on my iPhone. I restored the phone, but it didn't come back on. Is there a way to add it back in?

What a piece of shit. Every time I try to get something with the appstore even the free apps I am asked for username/password. And no way to get one. A rare hard to find idiocy. Been using this iPhone shit for a few weeks what a joke. Will never spend a pennny on any of Their shit. Glad I didn't pay for this iPhone joke. Still got to be a fool to be experimented upon with it. A fraction of only works. Puke. Be shitted upon subhuman geekonerd cattle.Been shitted upon and will be forever for such is the lot in life of the punked peasants impersonating wizards.
Spread your asscheeks wider we have not had enough of your slave taxes. For that iPhone joke alone we ll raise them shortly.

Thanks for the description. It was a big problem for me to use the appstore and itunes. Now i can download an buy all the nice tunes and apps. THANKS!!!

I am having the same problem, I definitally did not delete the app store or iTunes app from my iPod, but they have disapeared... Probably happened when I last synced it. Was around the time the new 3.0 update was released, (which I havnt downloaded yet) and the new iTunes update for pc. If anyone knows why this has happened or how I can fix it please let me know... I would hate to have to download music elsewhere wink thanks

Just got my iPhone and was trying to sync it with iTunes so I can download apps. Everything seemed to go fine and it connects to iTunes on my computer with no problems, but when I try to download something, it still says 'Authorization failed. Please connect to iTunes.' What did I not do right?

Check Settings->General->Restrictions->Installing Apps
Check Settings->General->Restrictions->Installing Apps
Check Settings->General->Restrictions->Installing Apps

Check Settings->General->Restrictions->Installing Apps Check Settings->General->Restrictions->Installing Apps Check Settings->General->Restrictions->Installing Apps

I want to set up an iTunes account but I can't find out how to do it I went on apple how to but it told me that I need to go into itunes and scroll down to the bottom and touch new account but all it says is no account please help me I don't have any other computers and I'm worried that I need 1

hi guys,
just a question, when I have filled in my loginname+password& i have agreed about the terms&conditions i have to fill my creditcardcardnumbers etc etc???? :S
I dont have a cc, so now it isnt possible for me to log in?
There must be a "free" login right to download apps???
PLease let me know what to do
Thanks rallfGG

listen everybody i dont have a credit card so i cant make an account in the iphone so can anyone of u please give ur unused app store account please.

how do you make the apps store on the new iphone 8GB work?? I don't know how I went to settings and create account but it keeps saying there's and error

I had the App store icon on my phone, but I don't have it anymore. How can I get that icon back on my phone?


This article doesn't address how difficult it is to OPEN a new AppsStore account on your iPhone. They even ask you to invent and type in your own two security questions as well as your answers, this on top of a godawful long caps-lowercase-numeric password. Come on! I'm used to using a laptop for internet access, where I at least have a real keyboard to type naturally with. Apple programmers must be really DUMB! The LEAST they could do is offer a multi-choice list of standard questions to choose from, rather than asking you to type a long question, one letter at a time. I'm already regretting my purchase of an iPhone along with its expensive data plan, just to get a little bit of mobility access to the internet. I'll do without any apps thank you.

menu language is not in english its in other language,i cant see featured,top 25,category,what should i do to change my main menu language in app store

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