Hulu's app for iOS now controls Hulu on your Xbox One and PlayStation

Hulu Plus for iPad Mini

Building on its Chromecast remote control support, Hulu Plus will now let you control video playback on your Xbox One, PS3 or PS4 from your iOS device. Once your Hulu Plus app is updated on your console of choice, you'll notice that it will show up under the "cast" button menu just like a Chromecast, giving you more choices to watch your Hulu Plus content on the big screen.

Once casting to your console, the Hulu Plus app on your phone or tablet will continue to work for playback controls and browsing for the next episode to watch. It doesn't look as though you'll need an update to the Hulu Plus mobile app itself either, so you can get right to watching as soon as the console side is updated.

Source: Hulu Blog

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