iMovie Theater channel appears on Apple TV

iMovie Theater channel appears on Apple TV

Apple's making it easier than ever to share movies you create in iMovie with a new feature called iMovie Theater. Introduced at Tuesday's Apple Event, iMovie Theater is one of many updates that Apple has incorporated into its iLife apps. Now Apple has updated the Apple TV with a new iMovie Theater channel so you can view your iMovies.

Apple describes iMovie Theater this way:

It's your own personal theater where you can show off the movies and trailers you've made. They appear as a beautiful display of movie posters, so you'll always be the star of the show. And with iCloud, they're automatically on all your devices, even your Apple TV.

Fire up your Apple TV and see if iMovie Theater is there. Does this new feature make you more likely to share iMovie creations you've made? Let us know in the comments.

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iMovie Theater channel appears on Apple TV