iOS developers you should #followfriday for all the WWDC 2012 action!

iOS developers you should follow for all the WWDC 2012 action

Since this is the last #followfriday before Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC 2012) kicks off on Monday, iMore wanted to take the opportunity to let remind you to follow the absolutely phenomenal iPhone and iPad app developers and designers at the event. These are the people who's software you use every day to stay in touch, to keep productive, to make and enjoy amazing content, or to get your game on. They also know how to party.

So if you want the absolute best, most vicarious WWDC 2012 experience possible, here's your WWDC developers and designer must-follows!

Note: This is a live list and we're going to keep adding more great folks throughout the day! If you're a developer or designer who's going to be at WWDC 2012 and you're not on this list, just @reneritchie or @llofte and we'll add you asap!

For more on WWDC 2012 and what we expect to happen (and not happen!) check out our in-depth previews:

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iOS developers you should #followfriday for all the WWDC 2012 action!