Minecraft Pocket Edition: Top 10 tips, hints, and cheats!

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Top 10 tips, hints, and cheats!

The definitive guide to Minecraft Pocket Edition: From crafting tips to seed codes, iMore can help you survive the night!

Minecraft Pocket Edition lets you enjoy all the fun of Minecraft right in the palm of your hand. From building colossal structures, block by block, to just trying to mine for coal in order to make torches to survive the night, there are some things you need to learn to make the most out of the game. Whether you're battling monsters in survival mode or just having fun building your own 32-bit kingdom, we've got the tips and hints to get you there faster!

Allyson Kazmucha

Help and how to editor for iMore. I can take apart an iPhone in less than 6 minutes. I also like coffee and Harry Potter more than anyone really should.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition: Top 10 tips, hints, and cheats!


Nice to see Minecraft make its way into the blogs, though I would technically call this a getting started with Minecraft post. Still good advice for new players though, no matter the playing medium (mobile, console, or computer).

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Yeah, these tips aren't exclusive to PE.
Basic Beginners Guide for any version of Minecraft.

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This is awesome, Ally. My daughters play Minecraft PE on their minis and my oldest always wants to show me what she's made - she fancies herself the resident Minecraft expert. Maybe I will give it a go, but on my iMac. I think she'd like that.
If you have anymore tips & tricks...

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Bought the game last week. Although I haven't had the chance to play it yet. I'm gonna go ahead and bookmark this page for future reference. Thanks!

Hands down my nine year old's favorite game on his 'Touch'. He's been playing it through a couple generations of iPods and this 5th gen really flies with the game, no latency....which makes for a significantly more enjoyable experience. Amazing, the 'old school' games making their return. Thanks again...I think @ 44 years old I might've missed the M/C craze (Wolfenstein, Ultima I-IV were my games of choice on the IIe in the mid 80s....then, I had to work! Lol. Lots of fun playing vicariously through my son. iOS with the family....whether Yahtzee, scrabble, monopoly.....or Minecraft, it's a grand slam! These days aren't tough to get young kids to focus and play the 'real' board game. Though I did buy my son Stratego for Christmas and he LOVES it! Stratego on iOS.....where is it? I've got Risk. Battleship...afore mentioned monsters, but WTH is Stratego?? (IMHO, the best board game, along with Risk!)
Thanks much. I printed the instructions off for him...may help him jump into the survival mode with a. Bit more knowledge :-)

google how to switch from creative to survival minecraft pe. its a great cheat but some peoples don't do a great job of explaining :/