I'm on a Phone [NSFW-L] Wins $5,000, Disses Palm, BlackBerry

Im on a Phone

10 weeks, 115 videos, and $5,000 later Smule has announced the winner of their I Am T-Pain [$2.99 - iTunes link] contest and it's "I'm on a Phone". Legitimately awesome, gets huge shots in on our frenemies of old, Palm and BlackBerry, and also has language hardcore enough for... well, a rap video. So NSFW-L warnings apply if you want to check it out, after the break...

Other notables included [YouTube links, language warnings]: "a celebration of natural fabric, An auto-tuned tribute to man’s best friend, and an ode dedicated to Smule’s support staff

Congrats to all, and hats off to Smule for getting the auto-tune engine into the iPhone!

[YouTube video link]

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There are 12 comments. Add yours.

Drew says:

Haha, This is funny. Good win.

Piper says:

The over use of "MF" kind of detracts from the whole video. But that's what the kids like I guess.

Real Truth says:

It would be funnier if the f-bombs were bleeped out. It's always funnier that way for some reason.

ryanlberg says:

too funny.. if you go to the web site they have allot of other entries

Victor says:

Piper that was the point. It's a parody of another song that parodies rap songs in general...

just_me#IM says:

good one - also search for i'm in a snuggy :)

mattwlk2 says:

i think the overuse of the F word is meant to be the joke. even in the real song they have it (i'm on a boat). its not meant to be taken seriously

websyndicate says:

okay I stopped watching half way through. Very dumb

Dragonfly says:

Ain't gonna lie that was kinda funny, like the end, nice touch.

Leanna Lofte says:

Best line:
"I got that A-T-and-T (but my service sucks) "

SpiceRak2 says:

And this is the product of TOO MUCH FREE TIME.