Rdio's TastemakerX looks to compete with Google's Songza, Apple's Beats

Rdio acquires TastemakerX

On the heels of Google's acquisition of Songza to compete against Apple's $3 billion Beats Music deal, Rdio has announced that it is bringing TastemakerX under its umbrella. The deal will allow Rdio to offer better music discovery to its streaming audience.

San Francisco, California-based TastemakerX was originally founded to help artists connect with fans and enable listeners to discover new music.

"TastemakerX enables listeners to discover new music, build and listen to virtual collections, and view artists based on social discovery," Rdio said of its acquisition.

What's your favorite streaming music service today?

Source: Rdio

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Reader comments

Rdio's TastemakerX looks to compete with Google's Songza, Apple's Beats


My personal favourite music subscription service is Beats Music. While the audio is noticeably inferior in quality to Spotify and it lacks some basic features e.g. the ability to stream from their website, I find the user experience and music discovery/recommendations of Beats to be vastly superior to the competition.

I agree. Although I hate Beats hardware (maybe hate is a little strong..strongly dislike lol) they got it pretty close to right with this app. I still use Spotify on my Mac since streaming from Beats website pretty much sucks, but still a great app.

Hopefully Apple will use the app as a sort of guidelines (or just fully take it over) for iTunes Radio.

Rhapsody's web interface is clunky, but they are the only service that allows you to browse music by several hundred genres.

I love my Rdio account and use it everyday!
I also use Songza in my classroom. :)

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