Safari updated to version 7.0.3 in the Mac App Store

A quick point release update for Safari on the Mac is now available for download from the Mac App Store. Version 7.0.3 brings a number of improvements, including fixes for the search and address fields prematurely hitting return, credit card autofill with numerous websites and websites with generic top-level domains.

Most importantly for our sanity, the update lets you turn off the annoying "want notifications?" prompts that show up on many websites. On the security side, the update strengthens sandboxing and fixes several recently-identified security issues.

The latest version is available in the Mac App Store, and of course recommended for all Mavericks users.

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Andrew Martonik

West Coast Editor of Android Central

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Safari updated to version 7.0.3 in the Mac App Store


Remember just before they arrived, when everyone was clamouring for web notifications thinking that Apple was so "last century" for not having them already? And now I don't know a single person who does anything but answer "no" to the prompt.

Web notifications are also known by their other name ... "advertisements." No one wants them. Anyone that does want them, is some obsessed loser living their life vicariously through some website that is their "favourite."

Will any mac user tell me how to cut files in OS X? Bought my first mac a few days ago and I can't seem to figure it out. When I press cmd x it just gives off a beep indicating that the command is not valid. When I click edit in finder, the cut option is grayed out. I have to manually drag the files and click cmd before I drop it...

CMD+X works with text, but not with files.

To 'cut' files: just copy as usual CMD+C, but then paste with Option+CMD+V


Yeah, tried that, somehow didn't work for me. Then I downloaded an app called Xtrafinder. Did the job for me. Also added some other awesome features to the finder!

Hey Andrew, you're wrong: "Safari IS NOT available for download from the Mac App Store".

Safari is part of OS X (e.g. AppleID require to update) and is always updated with "Software Update Tool" (see "softwareupdate" in Terminal). It's for commercial reason that Apple move the GUI of "Software Update Tool" into the "App Store" application on your Mac !!

Even you're writing for "Rene's mother", it has to be correct ;-)

I guess I need to download the new updates. I can't wait to see the new enhancements and slight changes.

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I have noticed that comments in YouTube no longer work on the latest version of Safari for Mac and also I have been facing issues with other websites that used to work just fine before. Is anyone else having similar issues?