Smule announces Magic Fiddle for iPad - Want to win a copy?

Magic Fiddle for iPad

Smule, makers of Ocarina, Leaf Trombone, Magic Piano, and I am T-Pain have announced their latest app -- Magic Fiddle!

Uncover your musical talents and learn new techniques effortlessly as your friendly fiddle leads the way. Compete for global high scores and earn medals and badges as you accomplish fabulous feats of fiddlery. Show off your newly discovered musical aptitude with friends, family or even broadcast it to the world.

Check out video of it in action after the break and if you want to win a promo code to make it your very own, just leave a comment telling us how much you want it! (Promo codes require a US iTunes account, Apple's rule, not ours!)

[$2.99 - iTunes link]

Pick Up and Play Beautiful Music: Amaze yourself as you pick up and play songs by following streams of colored light in the Songbook, no previous skill required. Impress your friends by playing any of the 20 songs that come bundled in the Songbook, from video theme songs to Ave Maria and everything in between.

Learn Fiddling Techniques Easily: Learn to bow, pluck, trill, vibrato and glissandi directly from your iPad. Your fiddle takes you on fun learning adventures with the Storybook – an 8-chapter interactive journey that teaches you different techniques with fun activities and step-by-step instructions.

Take it To the Top! Show off your newly found musical aptitude to your fellow fiddlers as you compete for the high score on the global leaderboards. Play your heart out to earn scores and medals for each song – your best performances combine for your global high score. Earn badges as you accomplish new heights.

Listen and Share Globally: Inspire your friends and family with your musical talent at home or experience social music on the Smule globe. Listen to other fiddlers around the world, broadcast your masterpieces and show support for fellow fiddlers by “liking” their songs.


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There are 43 comments. Add yours.

Aaron says:

Awesome. I saw this a while back and have been waiting. Looks pretty sweet!!

danmcg says:

That would be killer to mess around with! TiPb FTW!

Laura Browning says:

Saw a couple of videos of this - very cool! I'd love to try it out!

djayme7 says:

i've always wanted to play the deliverance theme!

mrtomd says:

My wife plays cello and would absolutely love to play around on this. Help me surprise her! :)

Kasthor Corleone says:

Awesome! :D I'd love to try it! :D

Anthony R says:

Very nice app! Very inspiring.

jairo says:

i have been playing violin for 13 years now and it would be so amazing to have this app and see what it can do. Have my "fiddle" everywhere i go with me!

Jorge Bittencourt says:

Wow, this app is awesome!! I would definately buy it if I don't get it for free from this give away! :)

Ryan K says:

Smule is a great company with some awesome sound-related apps and this looks rightup my alley. I'd love to fiddle up a storm on this. I hope to win! Thanks guys!

Webbster says:

This looks like a great deal of fun.

derrythe says:

Looks like a great music maker, interested to see how it works.

Dominic Johnson says:

i would love to have this app! i could be like Laura Ingall's Wilder's father. that would be so cool. i have only played the clarinet, so it would be good experience to play a different instrument this time, on my new iPad! thanks!

wtlaw says:

The magic fiddle would make my iPad complete!!!!! Select me for the give away,Please.

gibhyder says:

That super mario bros theme is awesome. I've got the ocarina app, but this one is so cool!

Macboy74 says:

Looks good I have Ocarina and Leaf Trombone. They both work great and are very well put together. Would like to check it out.

Roberto says:

Hoping I am a winner in this giveaway. I like the songbook feature to help me play like a virtuoso.

supertramp2k says:

Cool! My girls would love to be able to play with this!

Hollis says:

This is so cool! I am already a violinist by profession and this would be such a big hit at rehearsal breaks! Love it!

Phil Getzen says:

I've played violin since third grade, cello since sixth, string bass since seventh. My friends and I are avid Apple fans, and I, myself, am obsessed with Apple. Currently, my friends and I are trying to create an iOS orchestra that we would be able to perform in front of people. However, as a freshman in college, budgets are tight. I would really appreciate this app.

eyraud says:

i want this so bad i'm willing to learn to play the fiddle!

Rick G. says:

My Daughter went to Berklee College for fiddle. This may be my only chance to play a duet with her!

Dyvim says:

Super cool. I love SMule apps. If I don't win, I'll buy.

Jonathan molo says:

I have never won anything in my LIFE!!! Please make this the first!! Plus it's my birthday....okay no it's not!

tekgawd says:

This would be awesome to have! Another instrument to add to my list for my iPad compositions :)

Mario Gonzales says:

It's Music!!! It's Magic!!! It's Fiddlesious!!! It's the two things that go together in perfect harmony!!! I gotta have it!!!

Zachary Scott says:

Boy would this app be useful for me. I could lull that Dragon that's been living in my garage for the past 3 months to get out! The dragon will be going into hibernation soon so... I'd like to get it out as soon as possible and this app should be the easiest way. I'm not begging, but it would be very helpful to get it soon! Thanks for the opportunity, I HOPE I GET IT.

//mel says:

I love Magic Piano and would love to give Magic Fiddle a try! :)

notooloud says:

It's actually a pretty accurate hurdy-gurdy simulator.
Pretty cool.

Sam says:

I would love to win a copy so I can learn to play Devil Went Down to Georgia and see if the iPad can handle it!

parabel says:

I don't have an iPad nor can I play any kind of "fiddle" - but I'll take a promo code, sure! :p

Ken says:

This is a nice addition to Smules lineup.

Jim says:

I have always wanted to play the fiddle!! Love that blue grass fiddle music

David says:

If I win I promise to coat the planet with stringy goodness.

koone23 says:

Just much, not how much. :p

chendu says:

Awesome app...! would love to demo it and let students play with it in the weekend classes i volunteer..!

Rody says:

This looks cool. Just what you would expect from a Smule app! I own almost all their apps so needless to say this would be a GREAT gift!

jim says:

All of Smule's app's are great! This looks to be no exception

Alx says:

Love what smule's been able to come out with so far. This looks so great I'd be willing to buy it...but the only thing better than getting this app in general would be to get it free! hint hint

Alex says:

I'd love an out-of-tune fiddle please...

Jerry Lineberger says:

Another great Smule app. Keep up the great work and thank you!

LonerATO says:

I just want to shred on a digital fiddle y'all

Rene Ritchie says:

Congrats Dan McGoldrick!
Promo code was sent your way via email!