Smule and "I am T-Pain" Bring Auto-Tune to iPhone

Smule and I am T-Pain [$2.99 - iTunes link] are bringing Auto-Tune to the iPhone. Or, more sarcastically, want an easy way to simulate what karaoke sounds like over a really bad phone connection? There's an app for that!

We kid. (Not really, we're just old). Okay, everyone who cringes at the mere thought of this app, be it caused by flashbacks of Cher, Konye, or the titular T-Pain himself, stop reading now. Everyone else? Mashable has the details:

Seriously, how cool is that? Do you have any idea how many hours I could waste getting my mom to sing Auto-Tuned hip-hop? The best part is, after you record your songs (using built-in tunes or your own freestyle tracks), you can share them on Facebook or MySpace. Additional tracks will be available for purchase through the app in the future.

Yo, check it. This is for realz. Smash bomb. You'll sound dope. Cash money bank! Get it or regret it, you know what they saying?

(Congrats on the new gig, Christina!)

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Reader comments

Smule and "I am T-Pain" Bring Auto-Tune to iPhone


I spoze if everybody is photoshopping themselves to be beautiful they might as well auto-tune themselves to sound good too.
Too bad reality intrudes on both schemes when you meet face to face. Too bad nobody invented auto-smart.

This is sick!! I've been looking for something like this!! Everylook look out for my first cd to drop called "I eat autotune for breakfast"

worst blog post ever, rene, dont ever try to rap please, lol. the app its self is a lot of fun when you are drunk with friends etc.

This shit is hilarious and extremely fun! I haven't laughed this hard in a while! Yes it is a gimmick, but a great one!

Haha nice video, but does any one know an app the can change the voice the same way but with more features? I tried that sytesizer app and it came with no support on how to use it!?! A waste of seven dollers, and I haven't seen my money back

I don't understand why anyone would want to sound like t pain let alone listen to his music. Shizzle.

I just had a great druken night with some buddies, we had a t-Paine kareoke contest and I won!! Thanks to this app haha!

Fun app..Everybody in my house took it for a spin. Now they all think they got a future as a recording artist.

This app seems awesome but I bought it and it doesn't do anything to my voice. I wore headphones and fooled around with all the settings and yet it doesn't seem to auto-tune my voice at all.. Maybe because I am not tone-deaf..

@ mannie if you have seen T-Pain in concert you will see he is actually very talented unlike your self, he's a producer and a signer, he sings just fine without autotune.

T-Pain's talent is not in his voice. It's in his engineering. I'm not a hip-hop fan in general, but I'm really impressed with what he does with his computers and electronics. People have to get used to the idea that digitally altered music is its own art. When done well, it can be brilliant art. The quality of the voice is irrelevant. It can still be good art because of the engineering.

How do you know that @Mannie is not talented? Making an ignorant comment does not preclude the person from having talent.

I am having the same problem as Adam. I have changed all the settings but my voice sounds exactly the same!

It's true that T-Pain has talent when it comes to producing his songs and making club hits, but you still can't deny he's diminishing himself as an artist by showing everyone that singing just requires autotune. I don't mind him and his music, but I do take offense to people calling his music hip-hop or rap. His music is basically pop and meant for girls in the club or ringtones.

im having the same problem as ADAM and CURTIS. cant seem to figure it out. ive tried for hours but it just wont autotune my voice