Spotify is inviting patiently waiting Canadians to test their streams

Spotify making its way to Canada, those with an invite can get in early

Music streaming service Spotify is at long last gearing up to launch in Canada, and they're inviting some of those that have expressed interest to try it out first. The invitations will be sent out to a selection of those Canadians that have signed up at Spotify's Canada page, and users of the latest version of the iOS app can join the invitation queue from right within the app.

Spotify chimed in with an official statement on the matter, saying that they "want to reward those fans who have waited patiently for the launch":

While the Spotify app is now available in the iOS and Android stores we have not officially launched in Canada. Right now users can download the app and sign up for a waiting list on

We know there is a lot of excitement and demand for Spotify in Canada and we want to reward those fans who have patiently waited for the launch, so we will begin sending out invitations to users who have signed up on the online waiting list shortly. Over the coming months we will be gradually inviting users on to the service in an attempt to systematically scale Spotify in the most manageable way possible.

When Spotify launches in a specific country we always make sure that the experience is curated for local tastes and culture. That means great local content and local curation of the music discovery experience. Spotify in Canada needs to be much more than just the Canadian version of Spotify in the US. That is why we are taking our time to make sure that the service we launch in Canada is the best possible experience for music fans from B.C. to Nunavut to Newfoundland.

With a gradual and systematic scaling of Spotify in Canada it may take a while before to get through the queue up invitation requests, but do know that The Great White North is at least one more step closer to finally getting Spotify. In the meantime, you can grab Spotify for free from the App Store.

Updated with official statement from Spotify

Source: Spotify

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Reader comments

Spotify is inviting patiently waiting Canadians to test their streams


I'm excited because I believe Spotify is a free service which periodically serves up ads, effectively making it the only one of its kind in Canada as far as I know. I would absolutely use it instead of paying $10 for all access.

Good timing as the newest Google Music IOS app breaks the ability to play music offline.

Bummer can't download the IOS Spotify app in Canada yet.

Could be cheaper if you go on their site and pay for your subscription and not from iTunes in app purchase.

However, from what I been through with google music & Xbox music (can't play songs offline), if spotify does what the other 2 can't do, its 12.99 well spent.

Still waiting for my invitation though.

Apple is dragging its feet on iTunes Radio in Canada and I hope it costs them a pretty penny. This reminds me of iTunes movie rentals and TV show rentals, which were launched in the US and took a couple of years to launch in Canada. Why are Google and Spotify launching Canadian services when Apple promised iTunes Radio in "early 2014"???