Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple, CEO of Pixar, driving force behind the popularization of the Mac, of iTunes and iPods, of Apple Retail, of the iPhone and iPad, and of Apple itself, passed away on October 5, 2011.

A temperamental, triumphant, fallible, transcendent technologist and artist, his taste, sensibility, and the sheer focus and audacity of his vision more than dented our universe - it shaped our culture and our lives, and helped empower us to dent universes all our own.

You shook the world, Steve, and it was shaken at your passing. But technology goes on. Art goes on. Apple goes on. We're lessened without you, but what you left behind has enabled us to achieve so much more.

Thank you.

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Steve Jobs


When reading the first paragraph I was really thinking about Steve Jobs as a Jedi Master. Nice article Rene.

R.I.P Steve, you'll be in my heart.

Were these types of things generally said while he was still alive? One might expect to learn so much more about a person after their passing but I'm surprised that I didn't hear more about or read about more of these things when he was still kicking.

It would've been nice to have been more appreciative of his influence then – not that he would've known who the hell I was or cared how the hell I felt. But still.

Nice tribute Rene, thanks.

Great work and interesting ride Steve, thanks and good luck to you wherever you are!

Btw, bought Isaacson's book yesterday, am only a bit in but it is at turns funny and fascinating.

I only came to own Apple products (except for iPods) a year ago, just after Steve's passing. I'm now all-in wiht an iMac, iPad, and an iPhone in addition to my old iPod. Given how much I've enjoyed the product launches since then, I now regret not being part of the excitement he brought to his keynotes.

Despite some of the negative things he was known for in the interpersonal area, I was sad watching the video Apple posted today. I wonder what he'd be up to today if he had lived...? RIP, Mr. Jobs, and thank you for Apple.

Very impressive piece, Rene. I could never thank Steve enough for the technological advancements that have been made possible because of him and his extraordinary team at Apple. We as a community thank you so much.

May neighbors respect you,
Trouble neglect you,
Angles protect you,
and God accept you.

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs, a true genius, visionary and proof of the American dream. Very few people like him exist, and I don't know whether America will ever see another man like him.

I can't help but wonder whether the Apple hate would be as strong as it is now if Steve was still around.

Thanks for this Rene. I pray the day comes soon for the medical world to produce a Steve Jobs genius of its own who will bring an end to cancer and other terrible diseases. Thank you Steve. R.I.P.

Thank you Rene for such a beautiful tribute to Steve.

How lucky we are to live in an era of video, so that his greatness is captured forever - Always Loved Steve's keynotes!

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An eye for what the consumer wanted and an uncanny ability to drive towards its execution. A great visionary. Human enough to be flawed, talented enough to be transcendental in his chosen field.

While I didn't always agree with his methods, & as a person he was quite flawed & judgmental, his accomplishments as CEO of Apple & Pixar cannot be denied. The tech world is still searching for somebody who can be the next 'visionary' of where the puck is going.

Well done piece Rene. It's articles like this that keep me reading the site daily. You put a very human touch on all of your pieces & it's appreciated.

I can't believe it has been two years... since his death... I sometimes wonder what Apple would look like if Steve didn't die in 2011. What kind of product would Apple have now if Steve didn't die? I'm really curious.

Well said, Rene. R.I.P. Steve. We miss you.

You changed the world even for those that deny it.

I worship you Mr jobs.
I am a person with visual impairment and without jobs, I couldn't dream of using a touch screen on a mobile. It is really hard to imagine my work without VoiceOver an accessibility tool on the iPhone. It made me independent, I could proudly say that it empowered me a lot. It provided me with self respect at my job. It helped me to navigate, to read official documents, and I could conclude that he is my life provider. In the days where none of the major apple media were not even willing to cover about ios accessibility, it is jobs who delivered for us.
Sincerely thank you sir steev.

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Very well Stated!!! Steve changed the world in so many ways, that its hard to see anyone in our generation make an even bigger impact than he did.

"We're lessened without you"

No we are not. Or I at least am not. Seriously. He was just some business guy. I would be lessened without my parents, or family, though.

And for the record, now that I own an Apple product, iPhone 5, I am no more empowered than before when I owned another phone. It's a phone for God's sake. So go figure.

(Now that I think, I have, in fact, been empowered by a phone. This happened when I got my first Nokia mobile in 1997 and went wireless for the first time on what was the world's first smart phone. It was like using the internet for the first time in 1994, only now on a phone. No, neither involved Apple. Fact is, I had not even heard of Apple back then.)

SMH.......this douche spewing his rubbish once again.........can't we ban this clown already?? Just a little fucboi with no social skills or testicular fortitude in real life, so posts on here to avoid actual confrontation.

Unlike you who is a real man, haha... I mean seriously, read the damn thing, it's written for someone who can't read it. And it's revisionist history, just like Tim's letter today. He ruled by fear and was a complete tool to a lot of people. So he brought back a company from bankruptcy, great, major accomplishment in business. But he treated a lot of people like crap, and in a lot of cases unnecessarily, and that is undisputed.

Nicely put Rene. He's missed by so many. I thank Steve every day, with my life made more complete & less complicated because of all my iDevices.