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Ashton Kutcher

'Jobs' movie poster released in all its technicolor glory

The 'Jobs' movie starring Ashton Kutcher launches officially in August, and here we have the first official poster shared by. Shared by Moviefone It features an almost unrecognisable Kutcher in full Steve Jobs attire, footed by a simple tagline:

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First trailer for 'Jobs' the movie now available online

The first trailer for the upcoming Jobs biopic is now available online to the public. It's our first look into Ashton Kutcher's role as Steve Jobs and a general idea of what the movie will cover. Originally slated to be released in April, the movie will finally be available in theaters on August 16th.

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The Ashton Kutcher jOBS movie actually going to release, pegged to open August 16

The Ashton Kutcher jOBS movie which originally should have launched on April 19, is actually set to release finally on August 16, four months later. Initial reactions to the movie were mixed to say the least, but in a couple of months time the general public will get their chance to see it.

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Ashton Kutcher - the star of jOBS - is at CTIA and here's the liveblog!

It's debatable whether we'll ever see the release of the jOBS movie outside its initial screenings, but the show, as they say, must go on. And to that effect, actor Ashton Kutcher -- who played the late Steve Jobs in the movie -- is here at the CTIA conference in Las Vegas. We'll be liveblogging the conversation this morning, starting at 9:30 a.m. PDT -- that's 12:30 p.m. on the East Cost. Join us!

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First clip from the jOBS movie released, Woz says it’s not even close to what actually happened

The first clip from the upcoming jOBS movie starring Ashton Kutcher as the late Steve Jobs and Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak has been released. In the short clip it shows Steve and Woz discussing how Woz has the ability to create a personal computer that actually displays information on a screen in real-time. The clip was discovered by Gizmodo and Steve Wozniak jumped into the original posts comments to have his say on the accuracy of the clip.

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Grab an extras role in the Ashton Kutcher led Steve Jobs movie in Pasadena next week

If you have some spare time next week and fancy being part of the upcoming Steve Jobs unofficial biography movie, then now’s your chance. The movie which stars Ashton Kutcher in the role of Steve Jobs is filming some important scenes in Pasadena CA on Monday July 16th and Tuesday July 17th.

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jOBS, the unofficial Steve Jobs biopic, gets a website, reveals new details

The unofficial, independent Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher, has gotten an official name -- jOBS -- a website, and has released some new details about the production.

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Ashton Kutcher gets caught in full on Steve Jobs movie garb

Ashton Kutcher was caught walking around in full on Steve Jobs movie garb. Either that or Kelso just Punk'd TMZ in his turtleneck.


Source: TMZ, Pacific Coast News, via TNW

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Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs movie due by end of year, starts shooting next month

Mark Hulme, the producer of the upcoming Steve Jobs movie starring Ashton Kutcher, recently sat down to an interview detailing thoughts and plans about the high-profile flick.

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Ashton Kutcher set to play Steve Jobs in indie film “Jobs”

Ashton Kutcher looks set to play the role of Steve Jobs in an indie film which will be called simple “Jobs”. Kutcher who currently stars in "Two and a Half Men" is believed to have been cast in the main role according to a report by Variety.

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