Read the story of Steve Jobs life in his own words (and get the eBook download for free)

Steve Jobs Archive
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Steve Jobs led Apple into some of its best golden ages, culminating in one of the most interesting characters and careers in the tech space. His story, however, remained told in iffy movies and biographies. The Steve Jobs archive is a little different, however. A sensitively collected series of Jobs's emails, interviews, and other more personal insights into his life, the Archive looks at Jobs throughout his life.

Containing eye-opening material that has never been seen by public eyes, the Steve Jobs Archive is one of the most interesting reads you'll find, even if you can flick through it in only a couple of hours. You can read the whole thing online at the Steve Jobs Archive website.

From the man himself

You can also download the entire eBook for free as well, and grab it on Apple Books. It's not very long and is set out like a timeline. It's a great read on the website itself, as the page continuously scrolls as if you were party to a constant stream of thought over the course of Jobs life.

It's a fascinating glimpse not only into how Jobs viewed technology and Apple, but also into how he viewed his experience amongst people. There's a lot about how Jobs saw the human experience, and how he viewed everyone's potential to do great things. He was one of the most interesting men to ever set foot in Silicon Valley, and to see such an intimate look at his life and outlook almost feels like a privilege.

Even for those not interested in Apple, it's a great read. Even better that it's free, letting everyone read the story and learn more about the man at its center. Whether you read it on your iPhone, iPad, or on the website on one of the best MacBooks, the collected thoughts, interviews, and emails are fascinating.

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