Steve Jobs' signed business card sold at auction for over $180k

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Apple co-founder Steve Jobs stands as a true industry visionary even almost 13 years after his passing in 2011.

As if to illustrate this, a business card signed by the man himself was auctioned off this week in Boston, reaching a staggering $181,183 at auction.

The card is from 1983 (the year of the Lisa computer) and has been graded by memorabilia experts PSA.

Containing Apple's previous 10495 Bandley Drive address, the older style of font, and the still-iconic six-color logo, it's a piece of Apple history and it's reached a hefty price as a result.

Steve Jobs business card, framed and appraised

AirPods 2 and 3 could be replaced this year. (Image credit: Apple/RR Auctions)

Why the high price?

Auctioneer RR Auction notes that "prior to this sale, RR Auction has offered a total of 10 Steve Jobs business cards, with just one dating to circa 1983," but it's not the age of the card that makes this a big deal.

Steve Jobs was a man who didn't like to sign a lot of autographs throughout his storied career, meaning items bearing his signature are a rare find.

"Less than five Jobs-signed Apple Computer business cards—from any period—have successfully passed PSA/DNA authentication," the RR Auctions site explains.

Prior auctions of items signed by Jobs have also reached hefty fees, with a cheque from 1976, the year Apple was founded, paid to Radio Shack, sold for $46,063 (also through RR Auction).

Another signed cheque, paid to a management consulting firm in the same year, hit $106,985.

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