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Audio Apps

How to turn your Mac into an audio DVR

I listen to a fair amount of "live" audio on my Mac in the form of Beats Music, streaming radio, or roller derby play-by-plays. It's easy enough to replay a song if I've missed it on Beats, but not so much when it comes to actual live audio. So I was thrilled to discover Audio Hijack 3's new "Time Shift" feature, which lets you pause, rewind, and fast forward through live audio.

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Review: Boom 2 amplifies your Mac's audio and tunes with style

A few years ago, at Macworld Expo, my former colleagues and I stumbled upon a neat little Mac utility called Boom. The premise was simple: Your laptop's speakers don't always have the oomph you need when playing back music or video; Boom artificially boosts the sound levels to make everything sound just right.

Boom 2, released Wednesday, improves upon that initial concept while keeping the heart and soul of the utility intact. Boom's volume boost has now been tailored to each Mac in Apple's lineup, which means your louder audio is also clearer, crisper, and designed to best utilize the speakers in your computer. You can also select from several other equalizer settings (including your own custom equalizer profile) and individually boost the volume of a single song.

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Rewind live audio with Intermission for Mac

Intermission is a new app from Rogue Amoeba that lets you easily rewind any audio on your Mac, including live streaming audio like radio programs, sports, and teleconferences. Intermission sits in your menu bar for fast access, though it also supports global keyboard shortcuts.

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Soundcloud updated to let users sign in, share with Google+

Soundcloud has received an update that adds integration with Google+. Users can now sign into SoundCloud using their Google+ login credentials, as well as share what they’re listening to with their circles.

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Slacker announces iPad app, free service in Canada

Slacker Personal Radio is coming to the iPad in an all new, all optimized app that lets you sit back, put your feed up, and browse and enjoy music on the big, bold screen. Want more? Well, if you're in Canada they're also launching the same free service they've had before in the US. You'll still be able to go premium but if you just want to try out some ad supported content, you've got it.

We had a chance to talk to them about their iPad app live from CES 2011, so check out the video and let us know what you think.


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