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breaking bad

Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul, Netflix exclusive in Europe and Latin America

The success of digital video services continues to rage, and the latest big news item is that in certain territories the new Breaking Bad spinoff will be exclusive to Netflix. European and Latin American viewers will be turning to their Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, or any number of other Netflix compatible devices when "Better Call Saul" begins in 2014.

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Apple refunding Breaking Bad final season passes with iTunes credit

When the final season episodes of Breaking Bad appeared on iTunes with a new season pass, and a new price, there were some customers who felt a little outraged. The final season of the hit AMC show has been split in two parts, and many thought that purchasing a pass for the first part would also entitle them to the final eight episodes airing this year. This wasn't the case, but now, in an email obtained by 9to5Mac Apple is informing customers of a refund:

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Final episodes of Breaking Bad reportedly require new season pass on iTunes, Amazon, other services

Breaking Bad fans who purchased an iTunes - or Amazon or Xbox - season pass for the fifth season last year will have to purchase a separate pass for the final eight episodes, despite the fact that AMC had previously billed these episodes as the second part of season five. iTunes lists the new episodes under "Breaking Bad, The Final Season", and a season pass sells for $22.99. Apparently, the iTunes receipt has fine print saying that the season pass for the fifth season of the show only applied for last year's episodes, according to 9to5Mac:

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Heisenberg is back, get your Breaking Bad catch-up hit with iTunes!

The television event so many have been waiting on finally begins this weekend, as the smash-hit show Breaking Bad returns to our screens for the grand finale. After literally months of waiting since the first half of the final season finished airing, fans are eagerly awaiting the final eight episodes in the story of Walter White/Heisenberg and Jesse Pinkman.

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Break out the Apple TV, the Breaking Bad finale is a Netflix exclusive in the UK and Ireland!

The long awaited finale to Breaking Bad is almost upon us, and while U.S. fans will be able to watch on regular TV, UK and Ireland fans are going to need to resort to Netflix. The video streaming service has snagged exclusive rights to the final half of season five of the smash hit show, which means you're going to need to either watch it on your Mac or PC, your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or better still, your Apple TV.

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Breaking Bad: Alchemy available in iBooks, a must have for fans of the show

Here's one for all you Breaking Bad fans out there, an official eBook called Alchemy is available in iBooks for the iPad now. The book, designed for iBooks, combines a whole bunch of great content about the show with a multitouch experience with 120 pages of original content and over 350 interactive elements to get your teeth into.

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