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Blush music video created with the Brushes iPad app [video]

Shawn Harris is an animator and he has created a music video for the band Blush; using only the iPad app Brushes. The video is based on a series of hand drawn sketches put together to create a colourful animated music video.

To create the video, individual frames were draw in Brushes then recorded in the apps playback feature; which shows you all of the strokes used to create the final picture in a video format. The videos were then pasted together with the Brushes PC viewer app and the final video produced.

Take a look at the music video and the making of the video after the break. Let us know what you think of it!


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Apple Design Award winning iPhone and iPad apps from WWDC 2010

This year's WWDC 2010 Apple Design Awards were a decidedly iPhone and iPad-centric affair, yet the winners still manage to run an amazing gamut from fun to foodie, creative to informative. Without further ado, here are the ADA.

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TiPb Apps 3.3: Brushes for iPhone (Macworld 2010)

Live from Macworld 2010, Rene and Leanna talk to Steve Sprang about Brushes [$4.99 - iTunes link] for the iPhone and the iPad version he showed off during Apple's recent keynote.

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Artist Paints Cover for New Yorker Magazine -- on iPhone!

The New Yorker (via Engadget Mobile) has an amazing cover for their June issue that was painted... on an iPhone!

Jorge Colombo used the app, Brushes ($4.99 - iTunes link) to create the work. He told the New York Times that the iPhone:

β€œmade it easy for me to sketch without having to carry all my pens and brushes and notepads with me, and I like the fact that I am drawing with a set of tools that anybody can have easily in their pocket,” he said. There is one other advantage of the phone, too: no one notices he is drawing. Mr. Colombo said he stood on 42nd Street for about an hour with no interruptions.

The editors liked the more organic, dream-like quality of the iPhone image, not as sharp or technical as typical electronic renderings.

We like it too. Video after the break!

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