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Bug Fix

Apple promises fix for iOS 7 spontaneous rebooting

iOS 7 brought many changes and enhancements to the way we use our iPhones and iPads. Most of them are great, but there's also been some instability issues that can cause the device to spontaneously restart. Apple has acknowledged the issue and is promising a fix, according to Mashable.

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iOS 6.0.1 reportedly in carrier testing, could make its way to users soon

Apple has reportedly started testing iOS 6.0.1 with carrier partners and the update could launch as early as next week as part of the iPad mini release. iOS 6.0.1 is said to contain bug fixes for various issues found in the original iOS 6 release, such as keyboard rendering glitches, the camera flash failing to go off, and a number other issues, from smaller annoyances to security problems.

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Apple pushes Apple TV 4.4.3 software update

Apple has just released software update 4.4.3 for the Apple TV 2. The update carries a new build number (9A4051) following the last update that hit in October.

Details of the update include added support for Netflix in Mexico as well as addressing an audio problem when playing sound through the optical port when your television set is turned off. The Apple TV Software Update 4.4.3 is available now through the 'Update Software' option under General Settings.

(And yes, they're still referring to iOS Software 5.x as Apple TV version 4.x -- can we unif

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iPhone 4 bugs: Blue tint in pictures, you may have this bug lurking also!

There is a interesting bug in iPhone 4 photos where a blue tint shows up in the middle of the image. This bug has been widely noted and appears to effect only the back, 5mp camera and not the forward facing VGA camera. It also seems to still be a problem under iOS 4.2.1. Some have stated that this may because of the lighting conditions, while others have noted this effect under many different types of light. I have not had this issue myself with my iPhone 4 or heard of any of my friends having it either. I wrote too soon! I tried taking a picture of a white blanket with my iPhone 4 for the post... and here is what happened..

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iOS 4.2 bugs: Disappearing Folders

Disappearing Folders have been tormenting iPhone and iPod touch users since iOS 4 came out in June but now that iOs 4.2.1 is out for iPad, the disappearing Folder bug is out with it. Here's the gist -- you have spend minutes if not hours organizing your countless applications into Folders only to come back at some time in the future to see one or more folders gone and your apps exploded back across your Home Screen.

We'll go over the details and offer some potential fixes after the break!

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TiPb Faithful: How's 2.0.1 Treating You?

So it's been a day since 2.0.1 was made available and we at TiPb would like to know how it's been running on your iPhone. Did this bug-fixer of an update actually fix any bugs? Or are we all getting suckered into believing that the update has made things snappier? Pains in the update process? Backups faster? Apps Crashing? Or are things just less sucky? Maybe you completely avoided the update..anything and everything, we want to know!

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