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How to troubleshoot iBooks problems

Having a problem with iBooks? Here's how to fix it.

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Apple working on a fix for the iPhone date bug

Apple has announced that it is working on a fix for a recently-revealed iOS date bug. The glitch causes your iPhone or iPad to stop working during a reboot after manually setting the device's date to May 1970 or earlier.

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Don't set your iPhone's date back to January 1, 1970

A newly-uncovered date glitch in iOS may cause your iPhone to become unusable after a reboot. This is caused by manually setting your phone's date to January 1, 1970.

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Breaking down Apple's 'app problem'

Remove impossible jobs and those remaining, no matter how incredible, are attainable and maintainable.

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Touch ID not working for you? Here's a fix!

Since Touch ID debuted there have been numerous reports of it not working so well for some people. From high failure rates to fingerprints becoming less sensitive over time, there's no denying some people experience problems. Steve Gibson over on TWiT's Security Now podcast recently talked about how to overtrain Touch ID to get better accurate rates. Here's how to try it:

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Netflix on Apple TV throwing up the dreaded 'An error occurred loading this content'? Here's how to fix it!

You grab a snack and a tasty beverage, crash down onto your sofa, pick up the Apple TV remote, cue Netflix, hit play, and... get the horrible 'An error occurred loading this content. Try again later." message. You do, and... same error. Again, and again. You snack turns soggy, your beverage goes flat, and Netflix still gives you nothing but errors and frustration. That was me. Tonight. Until I remembered that a restart fixes just about everything!

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Rant: The hell that is iOS 7 Visual Voicemail on AT&T

Visual Voicemail and iOS 7 don't play nicely together, at least not on AT&T. Complaints about it are all over the internet, and I've been suffering with it since September. So, I decided to do some digging. After researching online and wasting time on the phone with AT&T, I've realized how much of a breakdown in communication there is between phone makers and the carriers.

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How is the quality of your iPhone 5s low-light video?

How is the quality of your iPhone 5s low-light video?Since I've gotten my iPhone 5s, I haven't taken a ton of video, but I've switched to video mode enough to know that I feel as if video quality isn't so great. After asking around and performing a quick internet search, it appears that I'm not alone either. Some people seem to have the issue, while others don't. Here are some sample shots of what I'm experiencing with low-light video...

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Latest Facebook update buggy or crashy or not even downloading for you? You're not alone!

Facebook is one of the most popular iOS apps of all time, so when its crashy, buggy, not downloading, or otherwise causing grief to even a small percentage of the people using it, we hear about it. This time it's with version 6.7.1, released on November 8, which won't download and keeps spitting out iTunes errors if you try. It's a bug fix update, which hopefully would have fixed previous problems with crashes, but it's impossible to tell right now.

The good news is that Facebook gets pretty quick turn-around time from Apple reviewers, so if it isn't working for you now, hopefully it will be soon. If you are having problems with Facebook on your iPhone or iPad, however, let me know with which version - if you can tell or can check your App Store updates tab - about it in the comments.

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Losing Audio in OS X Mavericks? Here's what you can do about it!

OS X Mavericks is experiencing a bug where audio goes dead system-wide. For many it seems to occur when trying to play a Flash (like YouTube) video in Chrome. For others, it just seems to occur. So what's happening and what can you do about it?

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